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Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

Thanks to: TeachMentorTexts for the inspiration! Thanks to Jen and Kellee for the meme!  I’m surprised I completed reading any book this week to be honest but somehow I plugged my way through an audiobook and a novel. I enjoyed both quite a bit and then got lost in some picture book brilliant moments over the weekend. One more week of school and then I’ll jump into book-a-day time… although with the amount of picture books I’ve enjoyed this week, I think I’m over a book a day! Hope everyone has a lovely reading week…

Picture Books:

Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne – Loved reading this picture book, told from four different perspectives with one event. Brilliant book! Loved how both parents and children’s voices and perspectives were quite clear. It was interesting to chat with my son about this book. Since each point of view was presented by Story 1-2-3-4, he was quite confused and we had to reread the story and then discuss points of view/perspectives. He “got” it finally when he realized that he already experienced different points of view with the book series we’re enjoying together- The Five Ancestors by Jeff Stone. When I was chatting with a brilliant friend, she mentioned that we should play a game while out on an adventure, he captures 5 moments from the day and I capture 5 moments and we compare perspectives on what happened through the day. Love the idea, perhaps when we have an adventure this coming weekend we can enjoy this challenge! Goodreads Summary: “The four seasons in a city park are represented by apes in human clothing: a rich, uptight woman in the fall; a sad, unemployed man in the winter; the woman’s lonely boy in the spring; the man’s joyful daughter in the summer. Each one sees the place and the others differently, yet together the voices tell a story.”

Getting a little obsessed with Anthony Browne. I admit it.

Getting a little obsessed with Anthony Browne. I admit it.

I admit it, I have read Anthony Browne’s books numerous times before but once in a while it is nice to power read my way through a brilliant author’s creations. So, I just enjoyed numerous books! Here’s my perspective on many:

The Shape Game by Anthony Browne– prepare yourself for the perfect celebration of interacting with classic art and family time combined. Beautiful.  Goodreads Summary: “The same family that had such an enlightening experience in Anthony Browne’s Zoo is now going to an art museum, Mom’s choice for her birthday treat. But wisecracking Dad and their two sons are skeptical about how much fun this trip will be, and they’re not quite sure what to make of the art. (“What on earth is that supposed to be?” asks Dad.) But, with Mom’s help, once the boys start really looking at the paintings, they begin to find what pleasures they contain. Most of the family leave with a new appreciation of art – Dad is just never going to get it – as well as a sketchbook. On the trip home, Mom teaches the boys – and readers – a drawing game, which one of her sons (this book’s author) has been playing ever since.”

I Like Books: fun, quick read for those children who need a transition book from read to me to I can read by myself…  Goodreads Summary: “Do you like books? Funny books or fairy tales? Scary books or song books? Books about dinosaurs or pirates or ABCs? This simple, inviting ode to the pleasures of reading stars an obliging chimp sampling books of all sizes and shapes, vividly and humorously rendered in Anthony Browne’s crisp, polished style.”

Bear Hunt: Please pick this book up and partner it with Harold and the Purple Crayon but prepare yourselves for the creativity and numerous solutions to crazy predicaments that hunters put a bear into, loved this book!  Goodreads Summary: “Hunters after a bear are constantly outwitted as Bear takes his pencil and draws his way out of each situation.” Saw this fantastic post this morning that illustrated the power of The Purple Crayon – Loved seeing Bear Hunt first on the list.

Bear Goes to Town – loved following bear’s story through another book, this time with bear helping rescue friends and other animals… love the magic pencil!  Goodreads Summary: “Bear takes a walk in town and uses his magic pencil to rescue his new animal friends from an evil man in black.”

Through the Magic Mirror– the perfect partner book for Coraline by Neil Gaiman- what happens when a young boy walks through a magic mirror into an alternate reality? Some fascinating visual effects and ideas!

Willy the Wizard – one of many Willy books- all pretty darn brilliant- this one had the football/soccer partnered with the “believe in yourself” message…  Goodreads Summary: “Willy the chimp loves football and dreams of being a star player. But he doesn’t have any boots so he’s never been picked for the team. Then, one evening, Willy meets a mysterious stranger and his luck begins to change . . .”

The Tunnel – powerful book- partner with Maurice Sendak’s book Outside Over There and enjoy the power of love conveyed in a dark, grim fascinating way.  Goodreads Summary: “Jack fearlessly explores the tunnel he found while playing, but when he doesn’t return, his sister Rose goes in the tunnel to find him. It’s an exploration of the woods with the author’s lively illustrations.”

My Mum – awww, such a special celebration of moms!  Goodreads Summary: “Following up on his bestseller My Dad, the inimitable Anthony Browne returns to celebrate the every-mom. In this paean to motherhood, we first meet Mom over a cup of coffee, clad in a floral robe. The robe is ever present as her child describes her wondrous abilities and traits: from fantastic cook to brilliant juggler to great painter and from being as beautiful as a butterfly to being as comfy as an armchair – this mother will be recognizable to one and all.”

My Brother – kind picture book full of appreciation and love for siblings. Great for talking about self confidence.  Goodreads Summary: “The boy in this book has a big brother who is good at everything. He’s a wild rock singer and a terrific climber. He’s read hundreds of books, he writes brilliant stories, and he’s brave enough to stand up to bullies. To his adoring younger brother, this big brother is a hero. More than that – he is really cool. He can even whistle!”

Piggybook – great message- perfect book to get the message of appreciation and discuss perspective with children…  Goodreads Summary: “”Mr. Piggott and his sons are a male chauvinist lot who, outside of yelling for their dinner, don’t exercise themselves much around the house. When Mrs. Piggott finally tires of the endless chores that sandwich her workday, she leaves the menfolk on their own, with a note saying, ‘You are pigs.’ With the cooking and housework untended, they soon turn genuinely porcine, a transformation Browne foreshadows with pig faces on the wallpaper, vases, fireplace, phone. As in most of Browne’s art, there is more than a touch of irony and visual humor here. Fun to read aloud.”–Bulletin, Center for Children’s Books.”

Zoo – do the animals watch us? I get quite sad walking through a zoo personally, except for a rare few that focus on rescue and rehabilitation in addition to thoughtful containment of the creatures…

Graphic Novels:

Stone Rabbit – BC Mambo by Erik Craddock – LOVED reading this book with my son. Who knew you could have a huge hole that could throw you back in time to interact with prehistoric animals, a mad scientist, and fierce dinosaurs! Thrilled to enjoy this series with my son. I’ve missed reading graphic novels for a little while.  Goodreads Summary: “Stone Rabbit is a bored little bunny who lives a humdrum existence in the sleepy town of Happy Glades. But all that changes when he discovers a time portal of doom—right under his bathroom rug! Suddenly, Stone Rabbit finds himself on a Jurassic journey in a prehistoric world, facing off against vicious velociraptors, terrifying T. rexes, and a nefarious Neanderthal bent on world conquest. Will our hero be able to save the past and return to the present—or will he become extinct?”
Stone Rabbit – Pirate Palooza; Deep-Space DiscoSuperhero Stampede – fantastic series…

Fiction Books:

The Apprentices by Maile Meloy – fantasy, 4th/5th grade – this was an advanced readers copy – I was so excited to get the opportunity to read to read the brilliant sequel to The Apothecary. I really enjoyed reading about new apothecary creations and adventures from beginning to end but was surprised about how some problems were resolved and how some storylines were quickly dropped. Maile Meloy is an author who can make me feel hopeless along with a character in a terrible situation and want to scream at the villian along with that character. Sometimes the stubbornness of one of the characters actually pushes the story along in a frustrating manner but in the end you understand the author’s intentions. Perhaps in the final copy the conclusion won’t end abruptly and you can see more of the impressive pictures. So far, this is a pretty fantastic series, hoping to read a third book!  Goodreads Summary: “Two years have passed since Janie Scott last saw Benjamin Burrows, the mysterious apothecary’s defiant son who stole her heart. On the other side of the world, Benjamin and his father are treating the sick and wounded in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam. But Benjamin has also been experimenting with a magical new formula that allows him to communicate with Janie across the globe. When Benjamin discovers that she’s in trouble, he calls on their friend Pip for help. The three friends are thrown into a desperate chase around the world to find one another, while unraveling the mystery of what threatens them all.”
For those not familiar with The Apothecary, it is brilliant as well:

econtreattuesMay Moon’s Book of Choices by Sam Jam/Nury Vittachi – Interesting fiction book- almost a early chapter book – this book is heavy handed which almost overshadows the main point of the book… The story had a catchy idea- a girl who is extremely reflective and receives useful financial and ethical advice from a magical book. I don’t want to disregard how useful this book could be for some teachers who would like to have discussions about ethics and financial responsibilities. It will be quite useful and instructive. Also, I read May Moon Rescues the World EconomyMay Moon and the Secrets of the CPAs; and How to Raise a Money-Wise Child all books with good information packed inside, once you get over the issues I mentioned earlier, you could use these books when teaching about economics.  Goodreads Summary for May Moon Rescues the World Economy: “Have you heard about the Great Recession? It is a really bad thing where a lot of people lost their money, jobs and houses. The scary thing is that not a lot of people understood why it happened, or how to fix it.
But May Moon, our heroine from May Moon and the Secrets of the CPAs, has some answers. She talked to some very smart certified public accountants who know a lot about money. She talked to the smart children of very smart certified public accountants, who learned a lot about money. Inside this book you’ll find out how those children found a way to rescue the world economy—using the wisdom that only children have—and adults can learn again!
• What kids can teach adults about buying things
• What kids know about homework
• What kids know about right and wrong
• How kids invest”

Audio Books Enjoyed:

The Fire Chronicle by John Stephens– Jim Dale as a narrator is pretty fantastic! – Book is the sequel to The Emerald Atlas. The audiobook use expired at 60%, so I finished this off as a regular book read which was actually useful to transition to. I did enjoy reading this fantasy overall but sometimes felt it was a little disjointed but this was an intriguing sequel. There was quite the frustrating conclusion which will have readers yelling for the third book, warning future readers!  Goodreads Summary: “After the tumultuous events of last winter, Kate, Michael, and Emma long to continue the hunt for their missing parents. But they themselves are now in great danger, and so the wizard Stanislaus Pym hides the children at the Edgar Allan Poe Home for Hopeless and Incorrigible Orphans. There, he says, they will be safe. How wrong he is.
The children are soon discovered by their enemies, and a frantic chase sends Kate a hundred years into the past, to a perilous, enchanted New York City. Searching for a way back to her brother and sister, she meets a mysterious boy whose fate is intricately—and dangerously—tied to her own.
Meanwhile, Michael and Emma have set off to find the second of the Books of Beginning. A series of clues leads them into a hidden world where they must brave harsh polar storms, track down an ancient order of warriors, and confront terrible monsters. Will Michael and Emma find the legendary book of fire—and master its powers—before Kate is lost to them forever?
Exciting, suspenseful, and brimming with humor and heart, the next installment of the bestselling Books of Beginning trilogy will lead Kate, Michael, and Emma closer to their family—and to the magic that could save, or destroy, them all.”

I am now reading:

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks – reading this one as an audiobook, it captured me immediately, one of the free audiobooks I’ve enjoyed through

Couldn't resist buying this book, can't wait to read it (even though the cover really creeps me out!!)

Couldn’t resist buying this book, can’t wait to read it (even though the cover really creeps me out!!)

I’m going to be brave and begin Doll Bones by Holly Black during daylight hours. (Sometimes covers creep me out and can keep me from reading a book, this is one… but it has sat for 2 weeks on my bedside table and I’m ready to jump in!)

Want more book ideas and reviews? – Yes, I’m quite brief, but a prolific reader!  Please visit me at Goodreads: Also, please follow this blog through email updates – (do so to the right of this blog post), my Facebook page, comment, or meet up with me on Twitter. I appreciate all of the support, makes my day! Honored by all the wonderful followers.

18 comments on “Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. Earl Dizon
    June 24, 2013

    I definitely want to check out Anthony Browne’s books now! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on many of his books. When I find an author/illustrator I like, I tend to go binge on their books!

    • The Styling Librarian
      June 24, 2013

      🙂 Glad I’m not the only one. So fun to enjoy numerous books by an author at once!

  2. Tara
    June 24, 2013

    Loved Browne! I’ll have to check out The Apprentices – it sounds perfect for some of my students.

  3. novalibrarymom
    June 24, 2013

    I’m not familiar with Browne, but these look good. Adding a few to our library list. I think I want to read Doll Bones, too, though I’m with you on the cover!

    • The Styling Librarian
      June 24, 2013

      Hip hooray for library list reserves! 🙂 Didn’t open Doll Bones today, just exhausting day. Looking forward to daytime hours that I can read books, 4 days of school left!

  4. Gigi McAllister
    June 25, 2013

    Sadly, I have not read any Anthony Browne books, but I sure will be looking for them now. I too am looking forward to reading Doll Bones this summer. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Andrea Payan (@payanar)
    June 25, 2013

    I love the idea of doing a marathon reading of all of Anthony Browne’s books! I may just have to do that as well. The Apothecary has been one book that catches my eye every time I see it but I had not heard much about it. Thanks for sharing about the second book. I will definitely get these books on my TBR list now.

    • The Styling Librarian
      June 25, 2013

      🙂 I do get obsessed with reading an author’s books… The Apothecary does have a wonderful cover- lovely author.

  6. LInda Baie (@LBaie)
    June 25, 2013

    I found many of the Browne books I hadn’t read at my library-now on hold! Thanks for that & for telling about The Apprentices-will watch for it!

  7. megan
    June 25, 2013

    The cover of Doll Bones is much creepier than the actual book! Be brave, it is lovely.

  8. Holly Mueller
    June 25, 2013

    I love Voices in the Park and use it every year to talk about point of view and perspective. LOVE the game idea! I just finished Doll Bones. Yes, it is creepy, but there’s so much more to it than the creepy doll. 😉

  9. carriegelson
    June 25, 2013

    I just purchased The Fire Chronicles for my children and I to delve into for one of our summer read alouds. We LOVED Emerald Atlas. I have seen The Apprentices in the bookstore and can’t wait to read. Really enjoyed The Apothecary.

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