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Hong Kong Update Year 3 Week 11

Lately I’ve been all about… reading, tv watching, movie watching and eating… besides enjoying quality family time. There’s been a lot of turmoil here in Hong Kong over the past week and I’ve honestly stayed away from it but also have been in support and in awe of the bravery and strength of those speaking up for their rights. Shall see how things go. My son’s school was closed last week to students, staff still went in (I’m still on sick leave, so I’m home) and there was a public holiday Wednesday and Thursday, so it was interesting to have a wonderful amount of family time.

I’ve been reading many books but haven’t done more than putting together my Monday reading updates. Lightening up on my other posts unless I have inspiration and energy. I am sharing my thoughts more over at recently…

Birthday dinner...

Birthday dinner…

It seems like new restaurants pop up quite often… when my husband and I learned that Jamie Oliver was opening up “Jamie’s Italian” right down the street from our apartment we had to check it out. Reservations there need to be made online but they were fully booked, so we just walked in at 5:30 and had no wait time or rush for the entire dinner. I loved that there was a nice waiter who took care of us the whole time. Also appreciated the food, options for buying extra things afterwards, and the kind waiter who didn’t mind taking a picture of my husband and I when requested. Nice birthday dinner that I enjoyed quite a bit. Plus a friend surprised me with a birthday cake, YUM and a cute crown as well. Nice way to celebrate and have fun. My kiddo was off on a playdate for the night with one of his friends which worked out pretty well for having special birthday time. Even found an interesting toilet and art in the hall, never know what will entertain.

We always have fun trying out restaurant’s Groupon deals… my husband got one for a place we’d been before, we were curious what kind of food would be served. So we went for a date night and enjoyed going to Eat Right and wandering around afterwards on our way home… there was quite the interesting hat shop there too!

Typical walk around Causeway Bay where our apartment is…
The street we were crossing has actually been closed for almost two weeks due to protests even though now there seems to be only a few protestors there. Unsure what will happen next. I was told to wear a face mask so that I can protect myself from germs and am trying my best to do so consistently. (I try to make these sister-vlogs on YouTube for my sister to have a glance at life here… have been making them for over two years now. Fun way to keep up with one another… But having her visit in under three weeks will also be a great way to catch up, can’t wait!)

One of my best friends is flying in from Alaska in less than a week to help out and visit Hong Kong depending on my energy, so excited! Can’t wait to see life here through her eyes… So lucky for this gift of time…

There were other places we wandered around to as well recently… but just going to share the images/comments. Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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