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Styling Librarian Oregon Occurrences Year 1 Week 19

Rachel is a careful unwrapper of presents.

Rachel is a careful unwrapper of presents.

Just a quick post today.

Today is my sister’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RACHEL!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! So we got together and had a nice family dinner. Love time together and seeing presents get unwrapped in person vs. via Skype (or not at all).
The other day I went to a meeting at the newly remodeled Beaverton High School library. It was an interesting set up. Nice space. Good for meetings in different areas. Good for study groups. Reminded me of all the workshops I attended on the use of of library space and library design. Sure there are still books but it is a balance now of technology and literacy. It was good to meet up with colleagues, I appreciate our time together.

Interesting areas in the library.

Interesting areas in the library.

Being at a high school during the school day threw me off though. I was surprised how many times people spoke over the intercom. At my elementary schools we have an agreement that the intercom is specifically for emergencies during the school day, so if you hear a voice over it, pay attention! While we were there I counted five intercom announcements. And THEN there was a fire alarm, a 45 minute wait, a discovery that a student did something with fire in a bathroom, and four more announcements over the intercom about this. I try my best to not be distracted by things but was really thrown at how many times our meeting had to be put on pause because of people on the intercom… or be talked over. What happens at your school? Do you have intercom announcements thru the day calling students to the office? Announcing attendance records? Announcing sports events? So curious if it is the status quo at other high schools/schools. This was on a Thursday and I certainly don’t know if Thursdays are simply announcement days… I enjoyed the meeting but was happy to walk out of the high school.


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One comment on “Styling Librarian Oregon Occurrences Year 1 Week 19

  1. Rachel Ann
    December 7, 2015

    Love you. 🙂

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