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Styling Librarian Author Feature Victoria Forester plus book review

The Boy Who Knew Everything by Victoria Forester – Fantasy – 4th grade and up –  It was wonderful to revisit with the world and characters from The Girl Who Could Fly. It continues with a completely stand alone story about the boy who is a fascinating genius. There’s a hope that the girl who could fly and the boy who knew everything will save the world. Now, this book takes incredible twists and turns that are fascinating. It was fun to read and imagine all the action throughout the book. There were other children involved in the story who have fantastic intertwined stories and also exemplify fantastic teamwork…

Love the beginning lines of chapters: (There are so many more… Limiting myself to just two.)
“They fled faster than their hears could beat.”
“One problem with being a genius- and there are many problems- is that there is an overwhelming need on the part of adults to “assess” you, which is a tricky way of saying they want to figure out exactly how smart you are and why you are smart and where your smarts come from.”

Goodreads Summary: “Here is the long-awaited companion to The Girl Who Could Fly.
There is a prophecy. It speaks of a girl who can fly and a boy who knows everything. The prophecy says that they have the power to bring about great change… The boy is Conrad Harrington III. The girl is Piper McCloud. They need their talents now, more than ever, if they are to save the world—and themselves.”

I’m so honored to feature Victoria Forester on the blog for this interview:

What was your favorite childhood book memory?

When I was in grade three an author came to my elementary school to speak. I cannot for the life of me remember his name or the name of his book but at the time he fascinated me. He was a revelation. Of course as a child you understand that people actually write books but to meet one in the flesh, to have one standing in front of you while at the same time holding his book was life changing. After meeting that nice author I went home and told my parents that I was going to write a book too.  Of course, I soon forgot this goal and didn’t remember it again for many, many years.

Have you read any children’s literature books recently?

I hope I never stop reading and loving children’s books! Some of my favorites include The Penderwick series by Jeanne Birdsall, Counting by 7’s by Holly Goldberg Sloan, The Canning Season by Polly Horvath, and Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Do you have a key writing tips for kids? Or adults?

My advice to both adults and kids is to make realistic goals, be willing to fail and have as much fan as you possibly can. This life you are living is not a dress rehearsal!

Do you have a new book being released in the next year?

I am ecstatic to see my newest book “The Boy Who Knew Everything” released on October 27th of this year.

*Do you have any favorite topping you like on your pizza?

A pizza cannot be good unless pineapple is involved. That’s the truth.  Pineapple lends unexpected flavor and juiciness!


Photo: Wikimedia Commons user Trounce

Photo: Wikimedia Commons user Trounce

The best advice I’ve received for my profession was…. sit down and don’t leave your desk.  Stay at your desk even if you aren’t writing. Stay at your desk when you don’t know what you’re doing – especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. Stay at your desk and sooner or later your story will find you there.

The habit I never break for my writing practice is… massive amounts of rewriting and revising.  I am always pushing myself to do better and go deeper.

If someone had told me… that writing wasn’t going to get easier I probably would have jumped out a window. Naively, I assumed that at a certain point everything would fall into place and I would write with the assurity and confidence of a midcareer dentist performing a routine filling.  In my mind there was a summit that I would reach and after that point I would think up a story and then sit and write it. No fuss, no muss.  The resulting book would not only be good but commercially successful.  This has not been the case. If anything I think that creating and executing a fulfilling book has become more difficult and elusive the more I understand about story.  Go figure!

Why do people always assume… that writers are dying to get a movie deal? Often that is one of the first questions I get. I appreciate the interest and understand that it is a sort of compliment; as in, ‘your book is so good it could be a movie.’ The fact is that I wrote the book because I loved the story, not because I wanted to get a movie deal.  The book itself is enough.

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