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Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

Thanks to: TeachMentorTexts  and Unleashing Readers for the inspiration! Thanks to Jen and Kellee for the meme! Enjoying books week by week… I decided to spread out what I’m reading recently over a few weeks… so this isn’t everything but I’ve enjoyed them all!

Sweep Up the Sun by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder

A to Z Sign with Me – Sign Language for the Alphabet – Dawn Babb Prochovnic, illustrated by Stephanie Bauer – lovely to read an alphabet book that integrated in hand signs. Goodreads Summary: “Story Time with Signs & Rhymes presents playful stories for read-aloud fun! This rhythmic tale invites readers to chant along and learn American Sign Language signs for each letter in the alphabet. Bring a new, dynamic finger-play experience to your story time!”

There’s a Story in My Head – Sign Language for Body Parts – Dawn Babb Prochovnic, illustrated by Stephanie Bauer – wonderful to read a book that on its own is about body parts integrating in sign language…. Goodreads Summary: “Story Time with Signs & Rhymes presents playful stories for read-aloud fun! This rhythmic tale invites readers to chant along and learn American Sign Language signs for body parts including head, toes, fingers, and heart. Bring a new, dynamic finger-play experience to your story time!”

Anna, Banana, and the Friendship Split by Anica Mrose Rissi, illustrated by Meg Park – Realistic Fiction – 2nd grade and up –  Special little friendship story packed with humor and thoughtful caring.Appreciated that there was a tough situation that isn’t ever completely resolved, which I find quite good. Goodreads Summary: “A charming new illustrated chapter-book series about a girl named Anna who navigates the joys and challenges of third-grade best-friendship, with her beloved wiener dog, Banana, by her side.
Anna has two favorite things: her best friend, Sadie, and her dog, Banana. She can’t wait to celebrate her birthday with both of them.
But Anna’s birthday party turns into a birthday disaster when Sadie starts a terrible fight that Anna never saw coming. Anna doesn’t know why her best friend is suddenly acting like her worst enemy, but she knows she’d do anything to fix it. She and Banana just need to come up with a plan.”

The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang & Sonny Liew – Graphic Novel – High School – Enjoyed every minute of this graphic novel. Really appreciated learning what the authors thought would be this Asian-American superhero’s backstory. Personally I loved understanding a few Chinese language jokes and appreciated the realizations that the character experiences. Also enjoyed chuckling through a graphic novel. Goodreads Summary: “The Shadow Hero is based on golden-age comic series The Green Turtle, whose hero solved crimes and fought injustice just like any other comics hero. But this mysterious masked crusader was hiding more than your run-of-the-mill secret identity…The Green Turtle was the first Asian American superhero.
Now, exactly seventy years later, New York Times-bestselling author Gene Luen Yang has revived this nearly forgotten, pioneering character in a new graphic novel that creates an origin story for the golden-age Green Turtle.”

To the Sea by Cale Atkinson – Beautiful little friendship story. Very cute. Appreciated the friendship and the characters who appreciated not feeling invisible to everyone. Good book for discussing loneliness. This book had the best best best book trailer I’ve seen for the longest time. Goodreads Summary: “Sometimes Tim feels invisible at school-until one day, when Tim meets Sam. But Sam isn’t just any new friend: he’s a blue whale, and he can’t find his way home! Returning Sam to the sea is hard work, but Tim is determined to help. After all, it’s not every day you meet a new friend!”

Leopard & Silkie – One Boy’s Quest to Save the Seal Pups by Brenda Peterson, photographs by Robin Lindsey – Really appreciated this story because of the action the children (and adults) take to rescue the seal pups and teach the public about why seal pups would be sitting on the beach by themselves. Beautiful accompanying photographs. Goodreads Summary: “In the Pacific Northwest, concerned volunteers become seal sitters, keeping vigil over the vulnerable baby seals that are left on the shore while their mothers hunt for food. Surviving in the animal kingdom is never easy and this informative picture book gives a first-hand look at what baby seals are up against. With its emphasis on human compassion, this true account teaches children to appreciate the natural world by helping in any way they can.  The star of the book is six year old Miles, who organizes his own rescue mission to help the seals survive.”

Bird & Diz by Gary Olio, art by Ed Young – what a fantastic format to celebrate incredible musicians… really appreciated the conversation through music that Bird and Diz have with one another. Goodreads Summary: “When sax player Charlie “Bird” Parker and trumpeter John “Dizzy” Gillespie make music together, they toss notes back and forth like a game of tag and chase each other with sounds. As Dizzy’s cheeks puff out like a frog with glasses, the two friends beep and bop and push each other to create a new kind of music—a thrilling fast jazz full of surprises. Blending a playful, rhythmic narration with expressive illustrations as fluid and dynamic as their subjects, this tribute to the masters of bebop by acclaimed biographer Gary Golio and beloved artist Ed Young will have readers hankering to listen for themselves.”

My Pen by Christopher Myers – Beautiful celebration of the simple skill of picking up a pen and drawing. Incredible imaginative pieces throughout. Goodreads Summary: “My pen rides dinosaurs
and hides an elephant in a teacup.
What can your pen do?
Acclaimed author and illustrator Christopher Myers uses rich black-and-white illustrations to bring a sketchbook to life, showing that with a simple pen, a kid can do anything!


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12 comments on “Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. Great titles here! Dawn’s amazing. And I love Gene Luen Yang’s work. My Pen needs to be read more and Bird & Diz is good too!

  2. I liked Anna Banana, but they are just a little too young for middle school. The friendship issues are so different.

  3. Linda Baie
    October 5, 2015

    I loved My Pen, and definitely will find Bird & Diz. I have enjoyed so many musical bios, & love that people are writing them. Thanks, Debbie.

  4. Cheriee Weichel
    October 5, 2015

    We have My Pen in our library and I haven’t read it yet. Tomorrow I will pick it up and read it first thing. I just purchased and read Wings. – What an amazing book! So much going on. The Shadow Hero is another title on my list. I’ll have to bring it to the top!

  5. Jane Whittingham
    October 6, 2015

    “To the sea” looks beautiful. I’m impressed by the book trailer! Book trailers are really becoming as well thought out as movie trailers these days! I love showing them to the classes I visit, and it’s fun to create book trailers as an after-school project – gives the kids a chance to share their favourite books with each other. Thanks for sharing, have another good reading week! 🙂

  6. Myra GB
    October 8, 2015

    I am glad that you enjoyed Shadow Hero – I know what you mean about the laugh-out-loud scenes – really brilliantly executed, I thought.

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