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Styling Librarian Oregon Occurrences Year 1 Week 8 – Reflection- 10 Things I Miss About Hong Kong

So, many people have asked me the same question:
Do you miss anything at all about Hong Kong? I quickly answer “No” to make them laugh, but here’s my thoughts about what I miss after a few months back in Oregon:

  1. I miss my friends and the ease of making new friends that came with an expat community.
  2. I miss my Hong Kong family that supported our family in so many ways. Keeping up on Facebook is nice but to just have friends a few floors away to go visit or a few MTR stops away was such a beautiful thing.
  3. I miss the public transportation. It is a bit odd to drive everywhere after three years of hopping on buses, riding on MTRs, taking taxis and easily walking to most places I needed to go.
  4. I miss my colleagues and students at Bradbury. They’ve already been in school for weeks and I just feel a gap in my life without them.
  5. I miss my extended communities: ALESS- library community, SCBWI- children’s writing community, and my Jewish community. They provided so much support and comradery in our lives and I miss this so much.
  6. I miss access to reasonably priced items, especially technology resources like cords and such.
  7. I miss speaking the few words I did know in Cantonese on a daily basis.
  8. I miss the ease of work – knowing what the traditions are, knowing expectations, being valued and respected in my job position and not having to prove my worth… starting new is always intimidating for me, felt the same when moving to Hong Kong as well.
  9. I miss the beauty of Hong Kong… the lights at night, the skyscrapers, the mountains, the incredible landmarks, the beaches…
  10. I miss the ease and reasonable cost of travel in Asia. It was such an incredible opportunity to travel to so many places in Asia, I miss it. Often I sit back and remember one place after another. Going through photos helps.
    1. Oh, one bonus one: I miss school uniforms… As a parent, it made life so much easier: what are you wearing to school today? Well, is it a PE day or a regular day? Done.

And to the flip side of this, people have asked me:
What DON’T you miss about Hong Kong?

  1. I don’t miss air pollution.
  2. I don’t miss misunderstandings due to communication issues.
  3. I don’t miss rigid rules and hoops to jump through at banks, with taxes, and insurance claims.
  4. I don’t miss cigarette smoke- it was everywhere, I held my breath so often when simply walking down a street.
  5. I don’t miss elevators. I love being able to take my dog to pee in our front/backyard without an elevator ride and steps and sidewalks involved.
  6. I don’t miss the crowds.
  7. I don’t miss the humidity.
  8. I don’t miss the typhoons. Or black rain. Or other tough weather situations.
  9. I don’t miss the time difference when talking with loved ones (although it is a problem the other way now!)
  10. I don’t miss missing my family, friends, community back home.

In honor and reflection of what I miss, here’s a mix of pictures from the past few years… Oh how I miss these people. Oh how I love to remember the adventures we’ve had!

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