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Styling Librarian #WhateverWednesday Dyslexia Resources

Today’s focus:  Dyslexia Resources – It is fun to reflect on one thing each week that really catches my attention, entertains me, and is special enough I just have to share it with the world.

As an individual who grew up with dyslexia and only really blossommed when at university, I am always keyed into communications about resources for those dealing with dyslexia.

While I was teaching in Hong Kong, I was thrilled to be informed about Barrington Stoke who publish dyslexia print-friendly books for children. I loved reading these books and recommended them to many students who enjoyed the books, not necessarily just those with dyslexia. I’ve blogged about these books through the past few years as well. I appreciate the font- so easy to read and love that the books are printed on paper that doesn’t have a glare- a little tan. My eyes ate up those books… I also appreciated that they had normal sized books, books for young readers, and books for more mature readers. My son and I enjoyed numerous books through the years. I especially was in love with their Little Gems collection. This may have to do with the fact that they had such incredible authors who wrote books for that collection like Cornelia Funke, Michael Morpurgo, Julia Donaldson and many more. Good collection of books to have! Heard it might be challenging to get them here in the US but worth the try. Sure, there’s UK spelling and such, but I personally think children should learn about languages and differences in spelling.

Two Oregon state librarians I appreciate who often share useful resources and promotions put out this email answering the question: “What are library services for people with dyslexia?” recently: Here’s their resources, thank you Katie and Jen!

  • The OverDrive app now features a dyslexic font option. My understanding based on this article is that if customers download the OverDrive app and use it to read OverDrive eBooks, then they can change the font of all the eBooks into ‘OpenDyslexic’ or ‘OpenDyslexic Bold’. Here is what one Oregon librarian says about this, “I had a few minutes to work with Overdrive and did have a chance to download a book and then set the font to “Open Dyslexic” and “Open Dyslexic Bold.”  It was really easy to do.  You do need to set the font/type once a book is downloaded.  You can also set to Dyslexic font/type for Library2Go home page.  Very cool!”
  • Dyslexie Font seems to be one of two leaders in dyslexic fonts and publishing books in dyslexic font.
  • The other leader seems to be OpenDyslexic. Both Dyslexie Font and OpenDyslexic websites include children’s books published in the fonts.
  • has a series of Dyslexic-Friendly Edition classics like The Scarlet Letter, Little Women, etc. It looks like they have just begun to doing DyslexiAssist Enabled eBooks; I only found three titles and they were all published this year.
  • My favorite resource for helping kids with learning disabilities learn to read, including dyslexia, is LDonline. I subscribe to the newsletter which usually includes articles with several practical tips and advice, and more scholarly/informational articles too. While it’s specific to children with disabilities, I’d recommend this to anyone struggling to help their child learn to read.


Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Thank you again to “Eat the Book” for the Whatever Wednesday meme: David Etkin’s words: “Whatever Wednesday — a chance to post something I’ve seen that I’m diggin’. A cool quote or poster, a picture, student work, a video—you know, WhateverEnjoy!… and consider posting your own Whatever.”

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