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Styling Librarian Author Celebration: Dallas Clayton

IMG_8406I really appreciated the philosophy and life approach that Dallas Clayton infuses into every creation he has… I shared The Awesome Book of Thanks with students when I was moving away from Hong Kong and I was so excited to put every book Dallas created on hold at the library on my return to Oregon.

I’ve now read all 7 of his books. They are fantastic.
Here’s his blog page:
Here’s his web page:

IMG_8404Before I share my thoughts on each book, thought I’d share the introductory video he made about his writing and inspiration:

Now… on to my thoughts on Dallas’s books: (he wrote and illustrated them all!)
The Awesome Book of Thanks by Dallas Clayton – I just love this book. My friend told me about how she used it when she had to say goodbye to students at her school, so I bought it to help me say goodbye to my students when I left Hong Kong. I love the different ways that thanks are given and the humor mixed in. Additionally the delicate illustrations just bounce off the page and I know it would be a fun book for a “just anytime” read as well. Goodreads Summary: “Inspired by the idea of being thankful for all that you have, An Awesome Book of Thanks! is a beautifully written, fantastically illustrated walk through a world of magical unicorns, robotic dinosaurs, and all of life’s simple moments, great and small. Crafted for children ages 0-1000, this timeless story is sure to be an instant classic, at home in the hands of anyone looking for the perfect reminder of just how beautiful life can be.”

Make Magic! Do Good! by Dallas Clayton – Poetry – happy day to read a poetry book… enjoyed this book from front to back and back again.
My favorite poem in the book is:
You won’t know all the answers
you won’t get everything right
but once you learn you don’t have to know ’em
you’ll sleep the best at night.
Video for the book:

Make Magic! Do Good! from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.
Adapted from the book Make Magic! Do Good! By Dallas Clayton
Goodreads Summary: “A boy with a beard tries to stay six forever. A frightful monster lives a million miles away, but is equally scared of you. A magic rope hangs from the sky, next to a sign saying “Give me a try.” In this brightly illustrated selection of playful, often provocative poems, ideas run the gamut from stopping your lightning-fast running to help others keep up, imagining a store that sells colors never before made, or admitting you’ll never know all the answers (and sleeping better at night).”

Lily the Unicorn by Dallas Clayton – How patient are you with a friend? Do you dig to find out why they say no to doing something with you or do you just give up on them? I love the enthusiasm Lily the Unicorn has when she meets a new friend named Roger the penguin and how she has to adjust and work on communicating with him to teach him how to appreciate life and how doing new things and making new friends can be fun and special. Goodreads Summary: “Lily loves making all sorts of things, especially new friends. When Lily meets Roger the penguin she plans lots of adventures for them to go on together. But Roger doesn’t want to make new friends or go on adventures! In this sweet tale of friendship, Lily teaches Roger that the world is a fun, amazing place and that it’s great to try new things.”

A is for Awesome by Dallas Clayton – Terrific alphabet book that I can see my students becoming inspired to create their own alphabet book. I also appreciate how he uses words like awesome and rad. Hooray for the opportunity to expose students to new words and words of the past! Goodreads Summary: “Alliterative and rhyming words of wisdom surrounded by all new art fill this energetic alphabet book by Dallas Clayton. Bursting with color and life, each spread offers a rhythmic phrase and an abundance of artwork illustrating the featured letter. The message of dreaming big and living life to its fullest permeates every page, inviting readers to “learn some new letters that you can use to make magical words and share big ideas.””

An Awesome Book! by Dallas Clayton – The book that began his career… such a celebration of imagination and hope for the future of all people… interesting and thought challenging. Goodreads Summary: “Based on the simple concept of dreaming big “An Awesome Book” is the inspiring debut work of Los Angeles writer/artist Dallas Clayton. Written in the vein of classic tales by Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein, and Maurice Sendak it is a sure hit for all generations young and old.”

An Awesome Book of Love! by Dallas Clayton – Reminded me a little of The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown- how lucky people are in the world to be able to find and love one another….
Video for this book:

An Awesome Book of Love from Furlined on Vimeo.
Yael Staav’s poignant and emotional interpretation of Dallas Clayton’s celebrated storybook, An Awesome Book of Love, shows us that love is truly humanity’s greatest gift.
Goodreads Summary: “There are so many different kinds of love-the way you love your husband or wife, the way you love your child, the way you love your parents-and Dallas Clayton knows just how to describe them all. In this follow-up to the fresh and exuberant An Awesome Book! take a walk on the loving side, as the snappy rhyme perfectly details just how your heart feels. Each page is filled with more of the colorful and vivacious illustrations that were hallmarks of An Awesome Book! giving readers a surplus of eye candy as they read along. This book is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, or really just any day you’d like to remind your special someones how much they are loved.”

It’s Never too Late – A Kid’s Book for Adults by Dallas Clayton – Another celebration of hope and imagination… how important it is to make every moment last and celebrate your time here on earth. Goodreads Summary: “Full of wisdom and whimsy, this children’s book for adults is a beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated timeless story for anyone looking for the perfect reminder of just how magical life is. As adults with bills and babysitters, it’s easy for us to get distracted from what matters most in life. Yet if today was the day that it all came crashing down, would you be happy with your life? If not, it’s never too late. It’s never too late to tell someone you care, to start something new, to appreciate life at its fullest. Because at the end of the day it’s the love you’ll remember that you gave and you got.”

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