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Styling Librarian Oregon Occurrences Year 1 Week 1

LOVED this flower

LOVED this flower

Here we go!

A new meme for me… to replace our Hong Kong adventures? Oregon Occurrences.
Now. I expect to share some similar things with this meme: our adventures, family celebrations, beautiful nature things that catch my eye, random human things that amuse me, book related topics, school/work related topics (this might be a bigger feature now), and of course: food.

There’s something to be said for returning home.
I’m so grateful that we had the opportunity to live in Hong Kong and adventure around Asia. I miss so many wonderful friends… tremendously. I never knew how much I’d love to travel and learn about people and places… and try out different food. Now. Living in the US leads us to new and old opportunities.

Kiddo is excited to have a foosball table! Thanks Grandpa!

Kiddo is excited to have a foosball table! Thanks Grandpa!

First? I just love being back in our old home. We were so very lucky to have wonderful tenants for three years and property managers as well. After we decided to move home, my family began the big transition here way before we even began to pack our things. My parents began looking for furniture (we sold/gave away almost everything) and helped us with all the paperwork on the US side of things. A few weeks before we moved home, we sent out a plea with the help of a wonderful friend to move some things over to our home. Our fantastic friends moved so many pieces of furniture that my parents found in addition to our modest storage that my parents stored for us in their space. When we flew home, my family also performed magic and made sure we had beds to sleep in. This allowed us to reunited immediately with our wonderful dog and sleep in our home that night.
So lucky we were.

Aww, beautiful flowers from my sister

Aww, beautiful flowers from my sister

Then my sister and her husband came over the next day to help us move all that was left into our home… and then later passed to us our wonderful bookshelves that they adopted for three years and even many of my children’s books that I thought I gave away. I feel like my book friends have made it home as well.

Not only that, our friends at my old school, Ridgewood Elementary passed us many gift cards for meals to make our transition even more smooth. What a gift. Those are actually really helping us out as we adjust to everything.

Hello little bunny, so cute

Hello little bunny, so cute

I’m happy to have pictures on our walls, food in our refrigerator, every box unpacked, and energy for other things now. It took 2 and 1/2 weeks to get WIFI which was incredibly frustrating, so liberating to finally have it. I also had the experience of getting a few things repaired before we moved home including our dryer, garbage disposal, and vents cleaned out… When I went to run a load of laundry, I noticed smoke coming from our dryer…. thank goodness I was around for it since it wasn’t even running at the time. The repair person said I stopped a fire from happening. We are replacing the dryer. It did us well for 10 years.

Matzoh ball soup from grandma, happy day!

Matzoh ball soup from grandma, happy day!

I am excited to move to a new school, meet new students and staff and begin a newly created job in my old school district. The new to me school I’ll be working at is McKay Elementary School. The new to me position is “LITT” – The Library and Instructional Technology Teacher. Well. I’m thoroughly excited because I’ve already been doing many of the descriptions on the job role list. It is wonderful to also be back in my old school district, I have so many wonderful colleagues and friends I am thrilled to work with again AND since this job position is connected to libraries, I also get to reconnect with my library friends throughout Oregon. I don’t plan to step back into any major responsibilities/roles, just looking forward to contributing however I can and catching up with friends.

Enjoyed trying out Salt and Straw together.

Enjoyed trying out Salt and Straw together.

**For those who might be interested my brilliant, talented sister is performing in the musical How to Succeed in Business this summer… I’m going to see her on August 22nd. Anyone want to come too?

Show: How To Succeed in Business 
Dates it runs: July 30- August 23, Thurs-Sundays. Thursday-Saturday:7:30 pm; Sundays are matinees at 2:30
Where: 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, OR 97045,
Box office: 503-594-6047
Link to the homepage:
Description of the show: Follow J. Pierpont Finch’s meteoric rise from window washer to corporate giant in this sly, witty lampoon of the business world. Filled with tuneful songs and sharp comedy this multiple award-winning musical is a headlong romp through corporate America. Caffeinated dance numbers like “Coffee Break,” beautiful ballads like “I Believe in You,” and “Rosemary,” and all out gambols like “Brotherhood of Man,” make this a show you won’t want to miss.
Link for tickets: CRT: Clackamas Rep
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4 comments on “Styling Librarian Oregon Occurrences Year 1 Week 1

  1. ipushbooks
    August 2, 2015

    So excited for you and looking forward to reading about your new adventures in your new/old place 🙂

  2. Andrea Walker
    August 3, 2015

    Lovely to read the latest update and the delight between the lines of being home in Oregon. Look forward to hearing more about wonderful Oregon occurrences!

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