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Styling Librarian Special Bali Edition Pt5 Y3 Wk42 Denpasar

Serene swimming pool

Serene swimming pool

Day 11
Travel day!
Kiddo didn’t hold breakfast well…
Driver reminded me of a Hong Kong taxi driver who pushes gas and then brakes a moment later, etc. with twists and turns in the road I wasn’t surprised that he got ill.
When we arrived at our hotel, we found out that didn’t work as well as we’d like. They gave away our room and we couldn’t get it back. So we cancelled all reservations and got cancellation fees waived. Then my husband went and found a hotel that would accommodate us. We got rooms next to each other and grabbed lunch. The boys went to KFC and Megan and I went really local and tried out a restaurant that only served two dishes. We tried one and enjoyed it.

Then the guys went and swam for a while. Kiddo was happy to meet kids and play in the pool together.
Enjoyed dinner at an incredibly wonderful Mexican restaurant called Taco Beach Grill. In the pictures you can see our food adventure with deep fried avocado! What a different treat!
Hotel isn’t in a good location.

Really? Avocado slushie?

Really? Avocado slushie?

Day 12
Went to another area and learned that if people warn you that the vendors are pushy, you should avoid the area.
Plus it wasn’t a fantastic hour or so searching for a cash machine that would accommodate us with our HSBC credit cards. We actually tried over 15 machines by the time we found one that worked.
I honestly got snappy with a few very pushy vendors who wouldn’t stop talking at us. A few clapped to get our attention. Some grabbed my shoulder. And yes. I snapped about that and told another vendor he was way too pushy. He told me to chill out. Hah.
All of this did turn me off of the area and I just wanted to leave. Even though some spas with cheap massages beckoned. We tried out a good restaurant and then another pushy person came into the restaurant and over to our table while we were trying to eat. My friend Megan got rid of him quickly. Then a pushy cab driver without a cab who was clapping to get people to listen to him came over and tried to get us to ride with him. My husband talked with him for a moment and then I was able to flag down a taxi. Escape! Back to hotel…

We had fun chatting and Megan then had to leave for Hong Kong. I went for a swim with the kiddo and relaxed. Learned that it is wonderful to do yoga and qi gong in the pool.
We went back to that amazing restaurant we visited the day before for our last dinner in Bali. Goodbye to Bali adventures! Grateful for this time all together. Lucky our friend Megan joined us and helped us in so many ways over the time there. Next post, in Hong Kong, sort of…


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