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Styling Librarian Special Bali Edition Pt3 Y3 Wk40 Car Tour around Bali

Terraced rice paddies

Terraced rice paddies

Note: You can hire a driver for $40 USD to drive you around for a day. Helpful. Do plan to have a little bit of money as well, the entrance to tours, rice paddy fields, etc. all cost around $4-5 USD per person.

We made five stops in the car…
First we visited the rice terrace, beautiful view but so hot… We weren’t up for traveling around.

Enjoyed noticing in the local areas there were glass bottles filled with gas.


Visiting a coffee plantation, called San Tria, was fascinating. Enjoyed shopping there plus learning about coffee made with civets that are fed coffee beans and then poop them out. Not really into creatures in cages. Enjoyed trying out all the samples of coffee and teas. Quite good business practice.

Visited the sacred springs and appreciated traditions and interesting fruit…

Volcano viewing was next, enjoyed seeing the crater, the lake, the areas that people lived and developed land. We had a buffet lunch that had a fantastic view of the volcano. It was interesting to try more Indonesian food and then I tried out for the first time snake fruit. It was a bit different with the texture of an apple and the sour taste from a lemon but also a little mix of sweet, different.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a traditional village. It was interesting but a little awkward to walk around someone’s home.

Lucky to meet up with my friend Anika while we were there

Lucky to meet up with my friend Anika while we were there

Day 5
Relaxing day, shopping as well. Walked up to the market and took care of browsing.
Bumped into a friend while we see walking up the street. I had been considering going to the Bali Spirit Festival that had music, yoga, and more but I decided not to in the end.
Looked at a bookstore.
Visited a delicious restaurant for lunch and then went to a local restaurant for dinner that was quite fascinating and very low costs as well.

Kiddo and I enjoyed some yoga

Kiddo and I enjoyed some yoga

Day 6
Planned to do cooking school but too late.
Massage, yoga, relaxing, swimming was the recipe for the day instead.
We found our a few days prior that the resort’s spa was almost double what the local spas less that 3 minutes walk away charged. So, we visited new places and relaxed.
My son and I enjoyed trying out the yoga room at the resort. I led us through a yoga session and he closed it. He suggested that I use more visualization in the future.
We went swimming and relaxed on the water, beautiful area, so peaceful.
Then it was food time…


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