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Styling Librarian Technology Conference Inspiration

gingtechimgRecently I enjoyed an inspiring conference on Engaging Tech. I had fun attending one session after another. The Engaging Tech website is supposed to be updated with all the resources they can share quite soon but I thought it would be helpful for some to see what I thought was useful and inspiring. Plus it is a little like my notetaking here as well to refer back to!




    1. The keynote speaker who started everything off was Keri-Lee Beasley – – who I realized I’ve followed on Twitter for quite some time. She lectured on “The Most Important Thing You Never Learned” which was fantastic, fascinating, and inspiring. She shared about how using graphic design elements in your presentations, flyers, and more is imperative when reaching students and adults. Appreciated learning about numerous books and resources that can guide students and educators to much better ways to communicate. I thought about how essential teaching students about graphic design elements would be for their exhibition work, presentations, flyers and more. The best part of the presentation was when I learned that Keri-Lee had actually created a free eBook called Design Secrets Revealed for teachers to use for themselves and additionally to guide instruction with students. – Link above!
    2. After her Keynote presention, I followed her into the next room because luckily I signed up for her workshop called Design Makeover: Creating Visuals that Don’t Suck. I learned for an hour about design principles, how to present my ideas in a sharper and more exciting way and also I learned more about how to use Keynote. Goodness did I miss the boat in the past! I love using Google Presentations and Powerpoints but I learned how there were some pretty advanced, impressive tools in the program. I especially look forward to experimenting with the instant alpha tool that helps you remove color backgrounds in images you’ve placed into your Keynote presentation. Additionally the color dropper tool is quite cool because you can choose an image color and then get your text to match that color. Finally, I loved learning simply about the tilt tool that allows you to tilt your text. Keri-Lee is at @klbeasley and also has a fantastic blog where she collects all the resources she enjoys using with her students. I’m not going to share my notes because if you go to the following link, you can see everything she shared and download her free eBook which is quite fantastic.
      One of the resources she enjoys using is Canva – looking forward to creating flyers on this pretty simple tool! She mentioned that on Canva is a design school feature that can be quite useful.
    3. I went to another hour workshop called Creating eBooks using Book Creator and iBooksAuthor. It was fascinating. Two years ago I took a two hour workshop exploring iBooksAuthor, amazingly great free tool. I experimented with the Book Creator app in the past as well. But I really appreciated how this workshop had students sharing their eBook creations and explaining the process they went through with research and organization to create their eBooks. So inspiring. I enjoyed hearing one student talk about how she had to create a question she couldn’t find the answer to on google to research… Can’t wait to put Book Creator to use!
    4. My friend Dianne McKenzie – wonderful, inspiring blogger at: presented in a second Keynote called Think, Puzzle, Explore. She shared about how we need to look forward and ask ourselves “Why are we using digital tools in education?” She talked about the SAMR model in technology integration:
      SAMR ModelIMG_7329We discussed how technology has changed drastically over the years but often we don’t change our use of technology in the classroom and we especially don’t dig deeper into using technology for Modification/Redefinition…
      I appreciated Dianne’s husband’s quote about technology use: “There is no advantage to using a digital tool unless you personalize the experience to solve your own problems.” – Wayne McKenzie
      I appreciated the reminder about the TPACK Model and how you can reflect on what you want students to do with technology… I went and read more on the TPACK Model and appreciated this blog post:
      There were many other fantastic ideas shared…  but I’ll stop with this: “21st century teachers are learning experts, not technology experts.”
    5. – free site – I attended three shorter “Expert Enough” sessions which were fascinating. The first was explaining about how to use Educanon and why it is useful. It is a wonderful tool for flipped learning. The person presenting about the site used it for his math instruction. Basically, you can select a video, edit the video by placing multiple choice (or other) questions at certain points and then have students watch the videos on their own. They can login on their own accounts through Educanon and then you can collect scores and monitor if students answered the questions correctly. Additionally, when you add in questions throughout the video, the students must answer a question before moving ahead with the video and they can’t skip parts of the video.
      I appreciated learning also about a YouTube site that has terrific math videos: Math Antics
    6. I attended another short workshop on Composing a great shot with your DSLR – interesting to see someone passionate and sharing his best tips. Here were his guidelines for capturing the best shot:
      Know your subject; Draw attention to your subject (fill the frame); Simplify; Consider turning the photo to black and white; Rule of 3rds- never center your subject; experiment with angles; when shooting, never turn off your camera, you might miss the perfect moment. A few things were recommended: using Adobe Lightroom because it is good for organizing and editing your photos, photoshop for specific editing, and a website called 500PX is used for showcasing photography.
    7. My final session I attended was called Nurturing Student Passions and I’m so glad I attended this one. It was so inspiring. I loved learning about an 8 (or so) week project that integrated research skills, online safety, students passions, proposals, and more. Basically a passion project is assigned to every student in the class. They think about something they’re passionate about and then they need to select something to create based on that passion. I think this steps beyond independent inquiry in a really helpful manner. Here were some of the student projects that were shared: a student created her own font; a student designed a magic wallet; many students designed computer games using a program called Stencyl– coding not needed to use; Book writing- students wrote books on The Guide to Birds, Minecraft Guide, and Mythical Animals Guide; T-Shirt Bags for grocery shopping- this included creating a YouTube tuturial and a Facebook page. I was in awe over all the different ways students were able to explore their passions.
    8. There was a wonderful final Keynote presentation called “Look How Far We Have Come”. There were a few interesting quotes, one was from Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I also appreciated this point from Yong Zhou: “It is the power of connections and communities that we will leverage ourselves toward the future.” How do you make systematic change? One classroom at a time… – Douglas Reeves. I appreciated the video that the Keynote speaker Howard Stribbell shared:  A Day Made of Glass. It has been out for a little while but it was a new video to me:
    9. Top of the page there is a Tweetroot image, randomly learned about this on Facebook while I was at the conference and appreciated how it collected high frequency words and turned it into something very similar to a Wordle, easy app to use! Tweetroot:

Here’s a collection of resources from the sessions:


Dianne McKenzie’s “Think puzzle explore”

Dianne McKenzie’s “Fostering a culture of creativity and honesty”

Edward Chang’s “Digital Art and Reading Comprehension”

Mandy Hollingshead’s “Google Sites for your Class”

Doina and Louise’s “Creating eBooks using Book Creator and iBooksAuthor”

Zack Palmer shared “eduCanon – Interactive Video Learning Platform”

Chyrelanne Kuipers shared “Everyone can Code: Programming as a Literacy”

Howard Stribbell shared “TweetDeck and Twitter Chat” tips:

Michelle Chou shared “Simple Website Set Up using Wix”

More info on the SAMR Model:

So… there’s a packed day of inspiration for me. Hope you find something inspiring as well!

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