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Styling Librarian Special Bali Edition Pt1 Y3 Wk38 Arrival and Monkey Forest

Our welcome to Indonesia.

Our welcome to Indonesia.

Holiday time was special. We were so grateful for the chance to leave and have a peaceful and adventuresome time in Bali.

Bali trip thoughts:
Ok first off, when you are traveling, please assume that the cash machine at the airport will be broken. It has happened in three places over here in Asia so far and it is something to adapt to. Usually you can just ask your driver to stop somewhere for money.
Airport visa thoughts for Bali. Flew into Denpasar and went through the visa and immigration area quickly. Could have used a credit card for a fee but we were glad that we simply brought along some leftover US cash we had.
Luggage wasn’t too long of a wait and we were able to negotiate a taxi pretty quick and it was not too long of a ride to get to Ubud to the bungalow resort we are staying at.
Upon our arrival, a rare thing was happening, we hoped. There was a power outage and we checked in by candlelight. We were brought to one room and were a little put off by the amount of bugs there. The receptionist gentleman quickly offered us a room on the second floor which we were grateful for. Not completely bug free but much better for our son who has a mattress on the floor to sleep on and didn’t want to meet loads of bugs crawling on him every morning. The power came on after half an hour.
We settled in and crashed,  we tend to have flights with late arrivals.

Thoughts on power outages, here in Bali in April they happened almost every day. Seriously. Sometimes they happened twice in a day. We laughed on our last day because we were getting up extra early and what happens around 5 seconds after my alarm goes off? Power outage. Now that’s a way to conclude our trip. All I could think was thank goodness I already had packed most stuff since we couldn’t see a darn thing for packing. Showering in the dark? There’s a sendoff I wasn’t expecting. Was thankful for warm water though!



Day 1
Enjoyed breakfast, nice mix of choices.
Then we came back and relaxed in the room for a while. The kiddo hadn’t slept much so we didn’t want to push for the day. My husband tried out a different type of massage and I got a pedicure. Then we headed out to find a place to eat lunch and buy sunscreen. We found a place called LOL Cafe which had a nice local noodle dish and great juice smoothies. Not terrific pizza though.
Then we wandered around and looked at a few of the shops. I loved one jewelry store mainly because they had my favorite gemstone, tanzanite. Hadn’t seen it sold the way they had for sale, so it was exciting. We also enjoyed visiting a local bookstore and picked up a book treat for the kiddo.
Then it was swimming time for my husband and kiddo and reading and napping time for me. Enjoyed the peace. I decided to wander about and got caught in quite the downpour. Both going out and coming back. Had a little fun shopping anyways.
We went out to dinner and then came back for dessert at the resort. Our friend Megan arrived and we were able to see her place and then she and I wandered about a little bit as well.

Husband's interaction with a monkey

Husband’s interaction with a monkey

Kiddo slightly freaked out after a monkey climbed up from behind

Kiddo slightly freaked out after a monkey climbed up from behind

Day 2
Massages and swimming and food, oh my!
Now that Megan was with us, we started out on an adventure in the morning, we went to Sacred Monkey Forest. It wasn’t too far from the place we were staying. There were interesting vendors along the way. My husband immediately bought bananas when we arrived and had one monkey after another climbing up him. He had fun feeding the monkeys. The kiddo was slightly terrified when he got one banana to feed a monkey and he chose a cute little monkey and then a large monkey jumped onto his back, climbed up and took the banana out of his hands. A few years ago I read a book called Never Smile at a Monkey by Steve Jenkins to my son’s class during library time. My son remembered that if you show your teeth to a monkey, they might think you’re getting aggressive with them, so he talked with his lips tight together pretty much the whole time we were there.

We decided to wander around for a little while and found a great Mexican food restaurant, Taco Casa. Was lovely to order and get delicious food at a reasonable price. Afterwards, we caught a taxi and relaxed at the resort. Really enjoying our time here, stay tuned, next week is an art feature.

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