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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Y3 Wk35 Special Feature: Kim Michelle Toft

You can see the edges of silk.

You can see the edges of silk.

I was so excited to have an incredible opportunity to see the artist, author, educator and overall amazing talent Kim Michelle Toft recently.
She presented to the ALESS library organization group. It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by her beautiful art. She paints on silk and uses gold gouda for the batik style and hand dyes each piece she creates. She’s been a children’s book artist for 25 years.  It takes her two years to create each book. Kim visits 30+ schools a year and creates quite the experience with students depending on the interests of the school whether she presents in a regular author visit manner or she can work with small groups of students for three-one hour sessions and have the children create art with her.

Thank you Kim for letting me take these pictures!

Thank you Kim for letting me take these pictures!

Kim’s new book is called I Can Swim a Rainbow for grades 3 and lower. It is a book you can sing along to in addition to learning science and math. The book is absolutely gorgeous. Most of the silk paintings I photographed are in the book. The back matter in the book is fantastic for students learning mathematics, science and art.

Love the books...

Love the books…

Every one of Kim’s books connects to curriculum but all have a connection to environmental awareness as well. One book teaches about life cycles, another about habitats, another teaching counting, another teaches about how to care for the earth, another celebrates alliteration and finally there’s a book that teaches about humans impact on the oceans. My favorite book of hers is Recipe for a Perfect Planet Pie, my students are reading it right now for the Golden Dragon Book Award program and they are astounded at the beauty of the illustrations in addition to the power of the words. Kim’s first book, One less fish has been in print for over 20 years and still has tremendous popularity. Kim said, “These topics just become more important over time.” I agree. What a fantastic creative woman Kim Michelle Toft is! I enjoyed every minute of her presentation and was thoroughly impressed with her creative, entrepreneurial spirit.

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