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Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

Thanks to: TeachMentorTexts  and Unleashing Readers for the inspiration! Thanks to Jen and Kellee for the meme! Enjoying books week by week… I decided to spread out what I’m reading recently over a few weeks… so this isn’t everything but I’ve enjoyed them all!


Pieces and Players by Blue Balliett

Scaly Spotted Feathered Frilled by Catherine Thimmesh, multiple illustrators – Non-fiction – 3rd grade and up – I loved this book because it demonstrated the value of research, flexibility, determination, and how frustrating new discoveries and changes can be. It was a fascinating look at the development of how people looked at the dinosaur and imagined what they looked like. Fantastic book! Goodreads Summary: “No human being has ever seen a triceratops or velociraptor or even the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex. They left behind only their impressive bones. So how can scientists know what color dinosaurs were? Or if their flesh was scaly or feathered? Could that fierce T.rex have been born with spots? In a first for young readers, the Sibert medalist Catherine Thimmesh introduces the incredible talents of the paleoartist, whose work reanimates gone-but-never-forgotten dinosaurs in giant full-color paintings that are as strikingly beautiful as they aim to be scientifically accurate, down to the smallest detail. Follow a paleoartist through the scientific process of ascertaining the appearance of various dinosaurs from millions of years ago to learn how science, art, and imagination combine to bring us face-to-face with the past.”

Firefight by Brandon Sanderson – Fantasy – High School/Adult – Audiobook – What a fantastic sequel. I’m so frustrated to wait another year (or more) for the next book! Love the idea of epics who go “bad” from their super powers and especially fond of the main character… there’s nothing like a Brandon Sanderson demolition of characters when you’re close to the end of the book. He’s one tough author who is fearless about staying true to the story. Highly recommended, especially partnered with the first book (it will be confusing if you haven’t read the first to be honest.)
My favorite thing is when I read lines like this: “I’ll be quiet as a buttered snail sneaking through a Frenchman’s kitchen.” – brilliant and hilarious simultaneously, right?
Goodreads Summary: “They told David it was impossible–that even the Reckoners had never killed a High Epic. Yet, Steelheart–invincible, immortal, unconquerable–is dead. And he died by David’s hand.
Eliminating Steelheart was supposed to make life more simple. Instead, it only made David realize he has questions. Big ones. And there’s no one in Newcago who can give him the answers he needs.
Babylon Restored, the old borough of Manhattan, has possibilities, though. Ruled by the mysterious High Epic, Regalia, David is sure Babylon Restored will lead him to what he needs to find. And while entering another city oppressed by a High Epic despot is a gamble, David’s willing to risk it. Because killing Steelheart left a hole in David’s heart. A hole where his thirst for vengeance once lived. Somehow, he filled that hole with another Epic–Firefight. And he’s willing to go on a quest darker, and more dangerous even, than the fight against Steelheart to find her, and to get his answers.”

Chi’s Sweet Home #11 by Konami Kanata – Graphic Novel, all ages- HOORAY. I love this little kitten and his adventures. Nice to have a new volume! This series isn’t over by a long shot… very cute story line with Chi finding out she has a real cat mom and not just humans for family. Goodreads Summary: “Nothing is more heartbreaking to a mother than losing a child. There is nothing that can replace family, and when one is lost at such a tender age it is even more distressing as uncertainty over the child’s survival weighs heavily. So if fate offers an opportunity to be reunited with that lost child, it is a mother’s duty to seize the moment and hope for a happy family reunion.”

The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds– Picture book – Finally… I get the chance to read this book that has popped up over and over as a book I must get for my Year 2 and other year groups for a focus on Journeys… happy day. Gorgeous book with such a beautiful message about how everyone has their own journey to go on… quite touching. Really enjoyed the interactions the boy had with others along his journey- included him showing caring and empathy… Goodreads Summary: “After following paths and signs determined by others, a young boy finally realizes that he must find his own individual way in life.”

Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli – Preschool and up – Aww. I love Greg Pizzoli’s work. This book is perfect for those kids who need to experience a little failure in their lives to see that they can move ahead and still be successful… Love that the crocodile from The Watermelon Seed is back! Goodreads Summary: “They’re off! Sam is the best race-car driver in history-he is number one at every race! But when his best friend, Maggie, shows that she has racing talent of her own, Sam doesn’t know how to handle coming in second place. Will he learn what it truly means to be a winner?”

Brilliant! Shining a light on Sustainable Energy by Michelle Mulder – Non-fiction – 3rd grade and up – Wow. This is one packed with information book. Fascinating bits of information on sustainable power. Amazing how innovative people are! Loved the flow of this book, could even be a read aloud in different portions. Goodreads Summary: “Did you know that cars can run on french-fry grease or that human poop can be used to provide power to classrooms? Kids in Mexico help light up their houses by playing soccer, and in the Philippines, pop-bottle skylights are improving the quality of life for thousands of families. “Brilliant!” is about what happens when you harness the power of imagination and innovation: the world changes for the better! Full of examples of unusual (and often peculiar) power sources, “Brilliant!” encourages kids to look around for new and sustainable ways to light up the world.”

Vanilla Ice Cream by Bob Graham – Picture book – Journey and human rights- what a simple story that can communicate powerful ideas… loved this book. A little bird decides to eat some rice but accidentally travels across the ocean and finds a new place to live and new people to meet. Possible to connect to refugee situations – Beautiful book. Goodreads Summary: “Following some food, a curious young sparrow stows away in the back of a truck and takes an unusual voyage south — through the lush rice paddies of India, across the rough sea, and all the way into a bright new day. As the sun rises high over the city, he finds little Edie at a café with her grandma and granddad, and for a fleeting instant, his world meets up with hers and changes her life in the most delightful way.”

The Promise by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Laura Carlin – Picture book – Gorgeous words: “A gritty, yellow wind blew constantly, scratchinground the buildings like a hungry dog.” I loved how this story celebrated our relationship with nature and how much value and positive energy it gives to our lives. Beautiful. Goodreads Summary: “On a mean street in a mean, broken city, a young girl tries to snatch an old woman’s bag. But the frail old woman, holding on with the strength of heroes, says the thief can’t have it without giving something in return: the promise. It is the beginning of a journey that will change the thieving girl’s life — and a chance to change the world, for good. Here is the story of a magical discovery that will touch the heart and imagination of every reader, young and old.”

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18 comments on “Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. BambiniTravel
    March 23, 2015

    Peter H Reynolds and Bob Graham are two of my favorite authors and I haven’t read either of those books! I can’t wait to find them!!

  2. lauricoo
    March 24, 2015

    After reading your post, I really want to read The Promise. I love Number One Sam–check out the book trailer. It makes me happy.

  3. Megan
    March 24, 2015

    I am kind of obsessed with The Reckoners series. I wish there were more right now! Chi is also so adorable, I love them and I am not really much of cat person. Thanks for sharing! ~Megan

  4. cheriee weichel
    March 24, 2015

    I’ve got readers hooded on The Reckoner series. We are waitinng for Firefight to arrive. Have you read any of Sanderson’s other work? i love Nicola Davies work and can’t wait to read The Promise.

    • The Styling Librarian
      March 24, 2015

      Enjoy Firefight when you get it! 🙂 I’ve read all of the Alcatraz series but want to get through some of his adult books…

  5. Linda Baie
    March 24, 2015

    Hi Debbie, I’ve ordered Scaly Spotted Feathered Frilled, think it might be a great book for my students to become paleo artists & draw a skull, then another picture of what they imagine that animal ‘could’ look like. I’m excited to see the book as you can tell. Also will look for The Reckoners series, think it sounds like some of my students will adore it. Thanks!

  6. Kellee
    March 24, 2015

    Isn’t it sad when you read a book that you love, but the sequel isn’t out FOREVER! It happens too much. I have started waiting for series to come out 🙂 I hadn’t heard of this Peter Reynolds, but I know how beautiful his work is. I’ll have to find time to read this one.

    Happy reading this week! 🙂

    • The Styling Librarian
      March 24, 2015

      It is sad. What is worse is when you read an ARC and then have to wait for the following books… Sigh. The North Star is quite different than the other Peter Reynolds books…

  7. Ricki Ginsberg
    March 24, 2015

    Ah, I love Blue Balliett.
    Brilliant! seems like one of those books that will be interesting to people of all ages. I love books that are packed with knowledge. I am going to have to get that one! I hope you have a great week!

  8. I’ve been meaning to read both The Promise and Vanilla Ice Cream. Number One Sam is a fun read-aloud!

    • The Styling Librarian
      March 25, 2015

      I’ve been holding on to Number One Sam, waiting for a special time to read it aloud… Happy reading to you!

  9. Myra GB
    March 25, 2015

    I just borrowed The Promise for my higher degree class this evening. I’m looking forward to seeing their reactions to it. Peter Reynolds is always a hit or miss for me – I think I must have seen a copy of North Star from our library. And hooray for another Blue Baillett novel – I have yet to read the many titles at home.

    • The Styling Librarian
      March 25, 2015

      I’m curious to see how my students react to the promise… shall see. Happy reading to you!

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