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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Y3 Wk34 Mix of school and home

It has been an interesting week…

Enjoyed preparing for a puppet show for book week for students. Can you guess which fairy tale we are doing?

Puppets for the puppet show (in progress)

Puppets for the puppet show (in progress)

I love the focus on green living at my school. We have green wall installations in different areas of the school and now a new living wall was installed in both staircases. This living wall has a watering system already set up which is quite useful. I also appreciate the art installations that have been occurring over the years at school. Thought I’d snap a picture of one that caught my attention:

Another beautiful living wall at school!

Another beautiful living wall at school!

Another mural downstairs

Another mural downstairs

My students and I worked on reading books from the Golden Dragon Book Awards program and it was fun to see how engrossed they were in the various books. There were many large groups reading aloud to one another and many students who had fun on their own as well. I was happy to have enough books to accommodate the different needs. Voting on these books will occur during book week.

Finally, my husband and I made a very good discovery of a new restaurant to us, Aladin Mess, near our apartment. We loved the food and appreciated the reasonable costs as well. Hooray to food discoveries.

Finally, one of the books my students enjoyed reading is called The Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins. That kind of book makes me look closer at things… like this really cool beetle that was on the window of the room next to the library. Cool, right?

Cool bug outside the library

Cool bug outside the library

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