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Styling Librarian HK Update Y3Wk26 Philippines Ed 4 Underground River

Layover in Manila Airport gave me a chance to visit National Book Store!

Layover in Manila Airport gave me a chance to visit National Book Store!

Day 11: Travel day again
Two flights
Delayed flight.
Discovery at Manila airport- Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme. A little late as we were in line to board the flight. I enjoyed visiting a bookstore during the layover.
The car ride from resort to airport was one and a half hours. When we landed in Puerto Princesa we hopped into another van to ride two hours to our next resort. Long rides but not as bad as when we missed a train and took a taxi to Bangkok when we dealt with border crossing lengthiness. Grateful for good drivers.

Swimming pool in background.

Swimming pool in background.

Day 12: Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, Palawan, Philippines. Last stop on our Philippine adventure. We headed here to visit a really long underground river.
Downpour made us hide away and enjoy family time including a movie.

Juice options

Juice options

I tried a new juice from this resorts healthy vegetable drink selection:
Carrot, squash, and ampalaya leaves with pineapple
Ampalaya leaves- prevent diabetes, blood disease and cancer

Other good looking juice options

Other good looking juice options

Another leaf interesting is
Moringa leaves- prevent high blood pressure, hiv, and anemia
Other interesting veggie choices here
Pechay- low calorie low fat and antioxidant

I love the no smoking policy here- was at last resort as well but not the first one where we stayed for a week.
I also appreciate the environmental focus here.

I don’t appreciate the emphasis on buffets (expected to be eaten at every single meal). It seems that they are offended when we ask to order our own food from a menu. Not comfortable at every meal except breakfast… We have breakfasts included that are buffet but we don’t mind that. But every meal is buffet mostly with nice looking stuff we won’t eat. So we do as we wish and get some interesting looks.

Two queens squished together?

Two queens squished together?

Day 12: We got out and about after feeling a little stir crazy in the hotel room. Walked around in rain and no rain… Enjoyed the views and seeing different areas of the small area, most places were closed though.

Going in that entrance!

Going in that entrance!

Day 13: We managed to get in the tour on the underground river. Beautiful area, shorter tour than we expected but overwhelming with cathedral ceilings, fantastic bats, and even a little river snake. Pictures were quite hard to take so I just enjoyed the views and snapped only a few shots.

This is the end of my sharing about our Philippine adventure… thanks for going along with us, especially loved the family time.

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