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Second favorite place to read...

Second favorite place to read…

Still keeping up with us and our Philippine Adventure? Why, thank you! We were so excited that I got permission to go on this adventure, AND that I had energy for most of the parts of the journey. We travelled to a new place on a specific mission to see whale sharks.

We went to Elysia Beach Resort, in Donsol, Sorgoson, Philippines

Enjoyed this resort quite a bit!

Enjoyed this resort quite a bit!

Day 9: Whale shark time.
Up and at em so we can get out there with many tourists to see the gentle giants of the sea. Incredible experience for my husband and son. We were on the boat with a few other people. At first everyone went for dives and then eventually a few dived at a time. Many sightings were made. My son saw the whale sharks many times as he was partnered with the dive instructor. My husband was able to swim from tail to mouth.
We relaxed, played at the pool, read and relaxed more. Special family time.

The one I saw was brown… and larger

At dinner time I was sitting on a chair outside the front of our room doodling and I heard something like a hummingbird fly over my head. I was curious. Had seen and watched birds but this was different. Told family about it. At dinner that night I heard the sound again but didn’t see anything. Another diner hopped up nearby. A huge beetle the size of my hand was clinging to her jacket. A different diner helped pull it off and released it by the stairs. Learn and experience so many new things everyday. Click beetles sound like hummingbirds!

Day 10: Today is a day of family peace, quiet, relaxation, swimming and fun. We ate an earlier dinner so we could hop on a motorcycle taxi and ride over to the Bohol River. Or Oh My God River in a few guides. There we hopped on a boat quite similar to the one we rode to see the whale sharks and we were off. The boats are a little noisy but we managed to talk with our tour guide and learn more about fireflies. My husband and I were amused at how much our son knew already watching a show called Wild Kratts. We went to two mangrove areas. The first one had fireflies all around one tree next to the water. We enjoyed holding and learning about how they are not bugs but beetles. How females blink slower than males. Then we went to the second mangrove area. This one had a tree covered in fireflies but set back much further from the river. The fireflies seemed to be synchronized and it almost looked like a Christmas tree lit up. Quite beautiful. It is fun to catch, look at and release the fireflies. Good experience. No pictures though!

Thought I’d quickly show you Bohol, Philippines from another friend’s perspective after receiving pictures and permission to share. Thanks for sharing Gill! Here’s her wonderful pictures from the first part of the Philippines we visited:

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Ok, another post will be the final part of our adventure.

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