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With my friend, love our talks.

With my friend, love our talks.

Last week I began with a teaser about our trip to the Philippines, just shared our travel and arrival… there were many other things shared like our planned move back to Oregon and such. So now on to a few more days hanging out at a resort that was quite relaxing.

Location: Linaw Beach Resort, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

Day 2: Relaxing day. We relaxed while the boys played at the pool and enjoyed a lot of down time.
Rainy on and off but not terrible.

Quite the talent...

Quite the talent…

Day 3: My husband took scuba lessons in different stages. First he went to the scuba instructors home and learned in a swimming pool. Then he had two dives in the afternoon in open water. The boys were allowed to come along and snorkel, my son learned how to snorkel that morning at the resort pool. The boys only saw little grey fish but my husband saw reef life and beautiful fish. At dinner we saw a little fire dancing, what talent and practice that must demand!

Beachside dining, be careful, the tide rises!

Beachside dining, be careful, the tide rises!

Day 4
Relaxing day… I wasn’t feeling quite myself so I rested a bunch but enjoyed the downtime and lack of responsibilities. My husband was gone for a while on his deeper dive. He enjoyed some incredible sites. Lucky to have this experience. At the end of it all he received a certificate for diving. (Had to pass written tests as well.) Our two families went into town and had dinner down at the beach. I enjoyed trying out local pancit. It is a delicious noodle dish that I adore in addition to lumpia.


Dessert buffet, I loved the grapes.

Dessert buffet, I loved the grapes.

Day 5: Motorcycle time for my husband, he went early to get tickets for Saturday so that we didn’t have to worry about catching the ferry and airplane to our next destination here in the Philippines. He took our kiddo on the motorcycle as well. I was a bit of a wreck until he was back, yikes!
It was Christmas Eve so we attended the resort’s amazing buffet dinner. Almost everyone tried ostrich steak, I was quite impressed with the taste, texture, and flavor. I was sad there wasn’t crocodile meat as well, it was on the regular menu but not at the buffet. Many at our table also enjoyed the incredible array of seafood as well. Food was not lacking, it was quite fun! There was also entertainment throughout that included live music, dancing, karaoke, and more music…. Almost every night at the resort there has been some event from their staff Christmas party to a wedding to more. Quite entertaining. My indulgence for the day was getting a pedicure. It was lovely to chat with a lady but pedicures aren’t like in the US… Just painting of nails… Which was just fine…

Husband saw this view.

Husband saw this view.

Day 6: Rainy day.
Husband went and did scuba diving on his own and we all had quiet time, reading time, others had swimming time during sun breaks, and I enjoyed a light massage. Peaceful time I was quite grateful for… Fun to just hang out and chat about life and have reading time as well. Day 7: New nail polish. (These services cost between $4 USD and $6 USD, surprisingly low costs!) Chilled out and relaxed. Chatted and enjoyed resort and let go of worries about missing things on tour, etc.

Our patio, goodbye

Our patio, goodbye

Day 8: Early rise and leave. Packing. Going to new place. Whale shark sighting hopes in our future.
Travel day.
People walk on the street day and night, even with cars going at 45 mph.
There is no sidewalk. This can be quite disconcerting day and night and lead to your driver honking constantly. Plus often you might notice near misses.

I’ll share more about our adventures next week! Whale Shark time!

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