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Styling Librarian HK Update Y3Wk16 Sister Adventures Pt1

Waterfalls behind!

Waterfalls behind!

We had our second wonderful visitor to Hong Kong! First was my best friend Sheli and what a world of difference she provided me with her visit over almost two weeks. Next? My sister Rachel! I was so excited (along with my whole family) to have her visit us. I found that she provided me somehow with extra energy but also had patience and low key timing that was just right for what I needed… I loved every minute we were able to spend together. I decided to split this visit into three Hong Kong updates and just enjoy sharing a little bit each week. So, for Sister Adventures part 1? The arrival of course!

2.5 years and our sweet dog is reunited with one of her favorite people!

2.5 years and our sweet dog is reunited with one of her favorite people!

Rachel arrives!

Rachel arrives!

Rachel arrived and just the next day was Halloween! What fun. We wore fun neon wigs out together and received many smiles. We went to wander around Hysan Place which is nearby to my apartment in Causeway Bay. We visited my husband’s favorite restaurant, Pepper Lunch, in which you get your food on a really hot dish that is still cooking your food… you have to stir and finish off the cooking yourself and try not to burn yourself on the hot plate… don’t think that would ever be approved of in the US… but gives you a mighty fine meal!

We then went down to this three story bookstore called Eslite and wandered around a special record player display, quite a cool collection on show!

My kiddo was quite happy to go trick or treating at a soccer field where people were giving out candy and then kids traded it too… so glad he still can have a little fun at Halloween even here in Hong Kong! Grateful he had some friends who clued us into the festivities.

Simply Life restaurant, great place!

Simply Life restaurant, great place!

The next day was fun but a little quieter. We tried out a new place for lunch called Simply Life in Admiralty which was fun and delicious. Then we took a few escalators up to one of my favorite places, Hong Kong Park. Rachel enjoyed seeing turtles, fish and more… quite a peaceful, beautiful place.

Stay tuned, next week has different adventures! Finishing off with a little homework focus… kiddo enjoyed homework a little more since he got Aunt Rachel attention and conversation. Incredible what another family member can get out of my kiddo when it comes to homework!

Homework time.

Homework time.

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2 comments on “Styling Librarian HK Update Y3Wk16 Sister Adventures Pt1

  1. vst3in
    November 17, 2014

    Loved seeing your adventures on this post, and your smiles. We actually have a restaurant near us (in Washington State) that serves meals on a 750degree marble slab and you finish cooking it yourself. I’m surprised too!

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