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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Y3 Wk14 More Adventures

Vietnamese restaurant, we like this place!

Vietnamese restaurant, we like this place!

I’m continuing the adventures with Sheli post for this second week, next week I’ll share my husband and son’s adventures in China. The following week after that I’ll share my adventures here in Hong Kong with my beautiful sister who is visiting us…

Before I start my post, I thought I’d throw a reminder out to my writing friends, PiBoIdMo, Picture Book Idea Month, has BEGUN!! And it is WORTH every minute of each day you sit down and write down an idea. I’ve personally participated in PiBoIdMo for two years and used ideas from the month for manuscript generation. It’s just so fun… HARD at times too when you’re stumped but this year I think (hah shall see) I have a secret (that I’ll share):
October I tried something new #Inktober – every day of the month I pulled out my sketch pad and drew, drew, drew. I didn’t post every picture during the month but posting most on my Instagram account – It was such a wonderful outlet. I’m not a fantastic artist but I have MISSED coloring, sketching, drawing and by the middle of the month, some things that flowed out onto the page were actually really fun ideas for picture books. (A few friends pointed this out, thanks Gae Polisner…) So, I’m going to try to maintain that art, maybe not as consistent, but also look back at my sketchbook on those frozen, have no ideas days of PiBoIdMo. Never know what a dot will generate. A new character? Plot? It’s fun.
I’ve attended writers workshops, taken risks and shared my manuscripts in SCBWI critique groups and I wouldn’t have had ANYTHING to start with if I hadn’t sat down in November and participated in PiBoIdMo. I LOVE it, appreciate the inspiration every day on Tara Lazar’s blog from illustrators, agents, writers, and other brilliant people. It is just absolutely a wonderful outlet.
So. If you want to get your ideas on paper but just haven’t made the time, why not now? Seize the day. Grab a journal, label it PiBoIdMo and jot down your picture book idea, go to Tara’s website and register, still open this week, and try it out! No, you’re not committing to creating a masterpiece but you might find the perfect germ of an idea.
Debbie steps down off soap box and shares about Hong Kong now…

So, since my stamina isn’t as wonderful or lengthy as I’d like, Sheli and I carefully paced ourselves and enjoyed many hours of quiet down time together, which was wonderful.

Food was a good focus for us most of the time, Sheli and I both love to eat- even though sometimes my restrictions are a little limiting…

HELa, the place we visited.

HELa, the place we visited.

(I shared this portion about HELa already on my other personal journal blog but we really loved it, so I wanted to share here too…) HELa- Sheli and I randomly came across a lady holding a sign about a place you could get your feet/legs in a steam thing (healthy with Chinese herbs) and then get a reflexology massage. We indicated interest and suddenly we were being directed through the streets (and closer to my apartment). I realized that we were going to get this steam/reflexology/massage treatment right that minute… Sheli was a little thrown to be brought along… We ended up in a tiny elevator going up to the fourth floor of this apartment building less than a block from my apartment.
We entered a lovely oasis of peaceful beauty. Seriously. We were immediately given clothes to change into, slippers, and went to our own rooms. Then we were given a locker to settle all our stuff but our phones. Then we went to the luxurious chairs and were given wonderful warm sacks of heaven around our necks. The woman suggested we go with the “Beauty” herbal selection since it was our first time at the place. Ok, no problem. We watched as they started up a steamer that was hooked up to this bamboo tub. There was this platform for your feet and under it was where the herbal treatment went. You popped your legs in and were covered up with a towel that went up your legs to enclose the steam. What a hot yet healthy experience! I loved it! So did Sheli. She kept threatening that she wasn’t going to be able to leave. After 30 minutes of steaming, getting treats and interesting water, we received 50 minutes of massage/reflexology treatment, wow.
What a lovely surprise choice for us… I’ve been meaning to try reflexology was reading/watching how steam is a healthy treatment as well… talk about kismet.
Hong Kong Friends, interested in visiting? It is called HELA:
Located at 4/F, 15 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

We went a final time to Stanley to visit the market and look at art for purchasing… Sheli found a cool painting and we visited Classified Restaurant for a yummy salad.

Always hard to say goodbye.

Stay tuned, next week is about my husband and son’s  Beijing/Xi’an/Shanghai trip and then the following week will be about my sister’s Hong Kong visit! More pictures are below from the adventures this week…

Finally, I came across this creative “Why Hong Kong” video that is fabulous for explaining some of the reasons I love living here in Hong Kong, it is quick and entertaining.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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