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Hong Kong Update Y3 Wk9 Basic Activities

Enjoying the weeks, mostly, in Hong Kong. It was a gorgeous, hot month. Full of activity, school, hospital stays, recovery time, and more.

Here’s a glimpse of the past few weeks:

Library organized shelf example.

Library organized shelf example.

It was wonderful to return to work. I love my job, have I mentioned that before? Well, I do. I’ve had a hard month with some medical issues but was happy to be at school for the first few weeks to catch up with everyone. It was fun to teach again, get the library feeling alive again, and celebrate literacy, technology, and research.


Water leak where blue fan is at, yikes!

Water leak where blue fan is at, yikes!

Unfortunately, my assistant and I did return to a problem. We had a leak. A leak in the library isn’t cool at all. It is a huge worry. There was someone who was supposed to resolve this over the summer but that person resigned from their position. I quickly got someone to come inspect and we found out that we have a leaky air conditioner that hadn’t been discovered before. Was thrilled to get that problem resolved. Now, here’s hoping the carpet doesn’t get mold, etc.

My son and I enjoyed our daily ride to school on the minibus. Snapped a few random shots:

Family dinner included an intesting restaurant that I wasn’t too thrilled with but it worked out overall…


My bed for 6 nights. Happy to go home after.

My bed for 6 nights. Happy to go home after.

I had a major surgery and was stuck in a hospital bed for 6 nights, not too thrilled to be back in the hospital. The nurses recognized me, one said “what the heck are you doing here?”… Appreciated the flowers but I can think of other reasons to get flowers that I’d prefer much more than another operation. Third major surgery in one year is too much for me. Like I mentioned last week, I’m journaling at this site about my major medical journey:


 My dog has been my constant companion since I got home from the hospital. She keeps a really close eye on me. I adore her.


Sweet dog my constant companion once I'm home.

Sweet dog my constant companion once I’m home.

She kept watching me thru the days... Sweet dog.

She kept watching me thru the days… Sweet dog.

Has anyone ever heard of a nanophoto catalyst before? I was so curious about it when I rode in an elevator and saw a sign:

Had to find out what a Nano Photocatalyst was... will include video.

Had to find out what a Nano Photocatalyst was… will include video.

Then I looked it up online and learned that it is a new invention… that cleans… naturally. Betcha that it will be used a lot in the future:

My favorite- lanterns...

My favorite- lanterns…

As soon as I was home from the hospital, I went out on walks every day.
I visited Victoria Park to see how things were progressing for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival preparations- it is decidedly my favorite holiday. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t up for the festivity this year, so we kept it pretty low-key and quiet and just enjoyed family time at home instead of going out to the lanterns and crowds…

My husband and I realized we should enjoy a date night so we went to see a movie and dinner as well. We tried out a vegetarian restaurant that made me quite hopeful about getting take-out meals again. My husband patiently tried to enjoy his food, he wasn’t as thrilled but is such a good sport…

Loved the movie- The 100 Foot Journey, well done flick- drooled over all the food, found a few pieces of the movie we would not have included but loved it overall. Here’s the trailer:

Visited the beach...

Visited the beach…

Our good friends invited us to go have a picnic at the beach and we were thrilled to have a little getaway. My husband was happy to try out this little pop-up tent that he got with a Groupon and the boys were happy to go body boarding and swimming… I’m not fond of getting in the water. Plus with the operation and other things, I’m not allowed in the water for many months, so thank goodness my husband and our wonderful friends enjoy jumping and and swimming with the boys! I loved the breeze, festivities, and peaceful time. Even got a little reading in, it was wonderful.

Finally, my kiddo and husband started in a new football/soccer team that meets on Saturdays, I saw a few random things that made me chuckle, and my dog, as I mentioned before has kept a close eye on me for an entire month now. Sweet thing that she is…

I made a few quick videos for my sister vlogging that I’ve been doing for a few years, I’m quite behind lately but have accepted that I’m not going to keep up with everything with all my medical issues presently. Here’s what I have:
From my walk to Victoria Park for a second visit with my sweet kiddo- he’s a great walking companion:

From my apartment roof trying to view the moon:

From date night excursion where I saw hairy crabs in styrofoam containers:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. lenorelook
    September 28, 2014

    Go Declan! Love the violin. Sending lots of love and hugs. XXOOXXOXXO

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