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Hong Kong Update Y3 Wk8 Back in Hong Kong

Well, I honestly think it is amusing that for the past 7 posts I’ve been sharing about experiences while we were visiting the US and was actually happily taking pictures of life here in Hong Kong.

I am not fond of hospital food.

I am not fond of hospital food.

I’ve had a few personal medical setbacks this past year and never completely mentioned them here on the blog before… I’ve now started a different blog for those private matters over at: – for those who don’t visit there, I’m just still celebrating life, dealing with challenges, and celebrating literature. But sometimes there may be a few less posts. (I have many prewritten posts already since I always prewrite my blog a bit at the beginning of the school year…) So shall see where the school year goes, might be a little quieter thru the holidays. I have a substitute (supply teacher) who will cover for me while I am recovering from operations and treatments through December.

We did have quite a fun time adjusting back to life in Hong Kong. I scheduled the regular appointments I always do when it is just back to school time- teeth cleaning and the like. But also we organized time with friends and fun play experiences.

I took time to enjoy displays and more…

Printer shopping...

Printer shopping…

We had a shopping expedition for a new printer in Wan Chai Computer Mall- I should take a video while I walk thru there… One thing I really dislike about the place? People smoke cigarettes in their shopping booths… yuck! It is as bad as walking around that mall in Shenzhen.

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Our dog loved having us back home…


My kiddo and I went over to Discovery Bay for some fun times with friends.


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My husband and I enjoyed another wonderful wedding anniversary- a little early, which was quite good…


Scary one, hah...

Scary one, hah…

We enjoyed a new display in Kowloon Elements Mall- Wallace and Gromit art!


And just enjoyed a little adjusting to jetlag and more as we settled back into Hong Kong life…

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2 comments on “Hong Kong Update Y3 Wk8 Back in Hong Kong

  1. Melanie Ellsworth
    September 24, 2014

    Thank you so much for sharing the link to your other personal blog. I have been following your Styling Librarian blog for about a year and did not realize you were fighting cancer. I’m wishing for the best for you and your family during your chemo treatments. And many thanks for your blog posts; I’ve discovered wonderful picture and MG books through your blog.

    • The Styling Librarian
      September 24, 2014

      Thank you… been keeping it quiet… until now. Feeling freer to share now. Glad you’ve enjoyed the books I’ve celebrated, appreciate the follow! 🙂

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