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Hong Kong Update Y3Wk7 US Edition 7 Wrapping up the Oregon visit

Ok, two weeks in one post… time to wrap it up:

Oregon Week 4 – Catching up with friends from all around, plus adventuring around Oregon

Beautiful friend time...

Beautiful friend time…

Meeting up with special friends is just treasured time… we met up with some that also had international/expat experiences except in Singapore, that always leads to interesting conversations. I really enjoyed catching up with one of my best friends, Kristen, who drove in from Washington to catch up, lovely to spend time together. It was fun to simply have time to shop together. Had another “meet up” at Powells and some friends came in from Salem to catch up, loved chatting about books, life, and more. Also visited with former colleagues and friends… just loved the mix of people.

I enjoyed reading, reading, reading...

I enjoyed reading, reading, reading…

Had a chance to catch up with two other librarian friends and loved that chance to chat… this week was all about catching up with others and spending time with family… and honestly? Reading. Many books. We also enjoyed housesitting for my sister and brother-in-law, hanging out with their precious cat Bella. Nice to have space to ourselves while my brother-in-law successfully finished his first Ironman up in Canada!

Met up with some former coworkers from Ridgewood School, man I've missed them. Fantastic group of friends!

Met up with some former coworkers from Ridgewood School, man I’ve missed them. Fantastic group of friends!

Oregon Week 5 – Partial week- wrapping up time, last minute, appointments. – Last week is always a tough one. I felt angst and additionally that sense of urgency that I had to address everything we haven’t taken care of yet… not fun but necessary I suppose. This time we planned out movie, dinner, lunch and other meet ups which helped ease, or maybe distract, the anxiety we normally feel. It was wonderful to catch up with wonderful colleagues and friends and family. I’m just grateful for each day, even the ones where I’m stuck reading books on the couch due to a sore throat/cold… which was actually a sinus infection, diagnosed the day before we flew out, thank goodness I went to the doctor!

We celebrated my brother-in-law Andy with his successful first Ironman! Such an impressive challenge. Here’s a few pictures of his adventure!

andyironman1 AndyIronman2 AndyIronman3


My son and I had some fun together in North Portland and explored many stores. I introduced him to Green Bean Books (had to visit again!) and we also visited a cool art store and Grant Park where the Beverly Cleary Statue Garden is located.

Then, as it is always challenging to do… it was time to say goodbye. Our last days were happy and fun but had a twist of angst mixed in…

So… I know the BIG question that everyone has been dying to know is this: (hah)

“Debbie, we know you had a screen with movies in front of you for those hours and hours on the plane. You can’t tell us that you didn’t indulge a little bit… so what did you watch?”

I watched a lot. Seriously, a lot. My husband wanted to sleep at one point and asked me to turn off my reading light, so no book reading, just screen time! I cannot sleep on planes over 10 minutes. Too many people on them, too many people watching opportunities, too much everything… so instead, I watched a tiny little screen!

Here’s the list:

Flying into Oregon:
Well… first we agreed to watch a movie as a family together so we all watched Muppets Most Wanted. I was slightly disappointed, but accepted it.

My husband and I both loved watching About Time. We brought it up in a few conversations once we were in the states, so, memorable one.

Grand Budapest Hotel– I loved this movie, I enjoy quirky.

Cuban Fury – DANCE! SALSA! Happy me. Loved the comedy and storyline… I just love dance movies.

Flying back to Hong Kong:
Legends of Oz- Dorothy’s Return – some big names in this animated film, never heard of it before, my son recommended, so I watched, it was entertaining but I LOVED the books so much more.

The Other Woman – my guilty pleasure flick, chuckled many times…

Marvel’s Captain America – I like these movies but sometimes I don’t need the big screen. Was happy to watch…

A Serious Man – I sat and watched this and watched and became more and more confused as I knew the film already…. Then realized that I actually had watched it a while before… my poor brain.

Transcendence – pretty complicated but fascinating movie, made me think about sentience and human choices… reminded me of AI.

Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues– in around the 14th hour of the flight, I was ready for this nonsense… rolled my eyes still in a few parts, chuckled in others. Especially the car chase bit.

Aristocats – I finished off the flight watching one of my FAVORITE children’s animated movies… but was shocked at how few songs there were overall. Funny how your mind changes things through the years, kind of like revisiting a favorite childhood book!

So ends our Oregon adventure. Next week, Hong Kong catch up post! Thanks for adventuring with us week after week!

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