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Hong Kong Update Y3Wk6 US Edition 6

IMG_4568When will this Oregon Adventure End? We’re not rushing it! In fact, this begins our third week that we were there!

Oregon Week 3 – Oregon Coast with special family visit time plus writing time at Oregon Coast Childrens Book Writers Workshop –

House we rented for the week.

House we rented for the week.

We rented a house for the week in Netarts – lovely place with many destination places we were able to travel to. Family went on adventures for three days while I went to attend an inspiring, amazing, organized, wonderful writer’s workshop every day. Then my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and their two lovely girls headed back to Arizona and we flew in my mother-in-law for a visit. It was good for her to have time with my husband and son while I had the writers workshop.

Just love the view.

Just love the view.

I was lucky to meet a many new friendly people at the workshop, there were 50 people who attended the workshop, and carpool with one kind person each day. She and I went on a few beach walks and hikes as well. Oceanside, Oregon is a beautiful area to explore!

Meeting Matthew Holm (again) was cool! Plus, very happy to get the new Squish novel.

Meeting Matthew Holm (again) was cool! Plus, very happy to get the new Squish novel.

I feel like I grew to understand so many more facets of children’s books that as a teacher librarian I knew only a little bit about. Additionally, I went into the workshop with six manuscripts and finished off with one specific manuscript that I’m really excited about, around 10 new ideas, and many manuscripts to refine. Growing to understand a tiny bit about what my voice is within writing. (I’m still figuring it out.)

Instructors at the writing workshop.

Instructors at the writing workshop.

Blogging is of course writing, but I am really happy to begin a focus on my writing of children’s picture books/early chapter books more purposefully. I appreciated the opportunities to chat with publishers, agents, and multiple talented writers about my manuscripts and be guided in new writing directions. It was a beautiful gift of time to have after a year with many medical mishaps. Great to refocus. I highly recommend David Greenburg’s book A Tugging String – I’ll post a review soon on here!

I do highly encourage you to attend the workshop as well if you’re interested in developing your writing skills, learning more about children’s literature, and more… Things I learned while I was there… too much to share, honestly. If I have information collected later, I’ll share it.

At the end of the week, my new friend and I agreed it would be nice to take a hike and walk along the beach one last time and decompress… so those pictures are below. Plus a few restaurant shots, of course… Love to eat!

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