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Hong Kong Update Y3Wk3 US Edition 3 Bookstore Fun and Fireworks

Decided to post about book store adventures and fireworks this week… Enjoy: Bookstore adventures to: A Children’s Place Bookstore and Green Bean Books 

I know many of you wonderful blog readers enjoy books as much as me… and get lost in bookstores as I do… I had special time booked specifically to spend hours visiting bookstores (and libraries too!!) Here are two adventure places I strongly recommend to visit for my Portland, Oregon friends (and others visiting):

I'm happily comfortable sitting and reading...

I’m happily comfortable sitting and reading…

A Children’s Place Bookstore – Fabulous bookstore that envelops you with gorgeous children’s books and is filled with patient staff who are accustomed to people, like me, sitting down in the aisles and reading their wide array of picture books. Not only is there fantastic book selections, there a lovely discount book area, beautiful array of gift items, fun stuffed animals, activities, and features special story time events. One of my favorite authors, Bart King, frequents and autographs his books there! Plus right down the street is this fantastic Alameda Brew Pub that has a cool ambience and makes amazing food… Quite happy to have lunch there with my sister…

Green Bean Books

Green Bean Books

Green Bean Books – New-to-me store, just celebrated its 5 year anniversary. This is a fantastic, brilliant, wonderful Childrens/YA book store that has not only wide book selections but also tempting amazing gift items. There is a wonderful staff that welcomes you and makes you feel at home right away. Additionally, they have a great focus on educators and provide them with personalized booklists, discounts, and special orders. I just loved visiting this store. I bought many items there. PS: They even sell really cool finger puppets!

Little more fireworks to enjoy after climbing to top of playground structure...

Little more fireworks to enjoy after climbing to top of playground structure…


Fourth of July festivities – I grew up in a family that didn’t really celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks. Partway through my childhood I was quite overwhelmed going to a party at a family friend’s house. Fireworks weren’t something that I really experienced up close until I was a teen. I survived the loss of experience and am just fine… BUT my son LOVES Fourth of July festivities and remembers fondly going to parks in our neighborhood to watch amazing firework displays. So, we decided this year to go to a friend’s home and enjoy an amazing array of food and set off a small Costco pack of fireworks in the street in front of our house. I just loved being around friends, taking walks and seeing lovely flower gardens, eating amazing salmon, and being amused by the fireworks. The 20 year old children came out of the woodwork (they had earlier had a water gun battle with my son and friends as well) and really enjoyed lighting the fireworks and dashing away before the explosions occurred. Our friend used a hose and washed down the area where the fireworks were set off between lighting different ones…


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