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Hong Kong Update Year 3 Week 1 US Visit Edition 1

Hello to Year 3 of these posts! I am honestly shocked that I actually have posted 104 times about life… From moving and living in Hong Kong to all our adventures, I’ve learned that life is interesting, even those things that sometimes become a little mundane over the years. Grateful for every moment.

Before I begin the visit post, here are the last glimpses of Hong Kong adventures before we hopped on the plane: in the always entertaining Causeway Bay Times Square area, there was a Batman display, tried out a new restaurant called Bar G- pretty good, watched a performance, and left work for the summer holiday:

So, this begins our third year of living in Hong Kong. I’m grateful for the opportunity to still be a teacher librarian at Bradbury School which starts back up in mid-August. You’ll see posts for many weeks coming up about life in Oregon- that’s our July adventure, the whole month back with family and friends in Oregon. We tried to make the most of our opportunities.

Oregon Week 1 – all about family!

Sisters reunited!

Sisters reunited!

Dinners, chats, quality time, oh my. The best medicine in the world is to be with family, I especially had angst being apart from loved ones for over 15 months. This was a treasured time.

My sister and her husband are two of the most welcoming people and adapted to having our loud eight year old bouncing around demanding rounds of Monopoly and tutoring on how to play Solitaire. Additionally, I know my sister’s favorite time with my son is when she can get him on her own. Walking to a park together and taking in some swinging time can bring out quite the conversations. Loved every minute of that quality time and also opportunity for other family members to have quality time as well.

I proudly watched as my brother-in-law went to prepare every day for the Iron Man that he rocked in late July. What a fit group Ironman people are- running, swimming, bicycling. It does take a patient family to adapt to training schedules, food monitoring, materials and preparation. My brother-in-law constantly recognizes my sister for the adaptions she’s made in addition to supporting him 100%. He does have a blog about his journey to Ironman:

My husband enjoyed meeting up with various friends over the week as well at farmer’s markets, park visits, and concerts.

My favorite time was when we had group activities, dinner with the whole family including my mom and dad…  Group viewing of the movie The Fault in our Stars (made me cry, loved the adaptation- think I read it long enough ago that it was quite the special thing to watch and appreciate.)

So… that’s a little bit of the first week we visited Oregon!

Future posts on: Vine Gogh Café; Bookstore adventures to A Children’s Place Bookstore and Green Bean Books, and Fourth of July festivities to come soon!

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