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Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

Thanks to: TeachMentorTexts  and Unleashing Readers for the inspiration! Thanks to Jen and Kellee for the meme! On holiday now… not sharing too much.

Shared a booklist about being a balanced person this past week:
Balanced Post

Celebrated this past Saturday: 

Tease Monster (A book about teasing vs. bullying) 

by Julia Cook, illustrated by Anita DuFalla

Got lost in a few libraries and bookstores, happy day! 🙂

Found a graphic novel that was fascinating:

Jeff Corwin Connect presents I’m Not a Plastic Bag– Graphic Novel by Rachel Hope Allison – 2012- Missed when this book came out, so glad I came across it on the library bookshelf. Interesting premise, giving voice to the great Pacific garbage patch. Never thought about it in this light… Appreciated the hope and positive action points that were at the end of the book, I do believe small action can help. Great for environmental units, especially 5th grade for those reluctant readers who do well looking at graphic novels. (It is appropriate for other age levels as well.) Goodreads Summary: “Foreward by Jeff Corwin Based on the real-life occurrence of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an island of floating trash in a remote area of the Northern Pacific Ocean more than twice the size of Texas, I’m Not a Plastic Bag tells a moving story about loneliness, beauty, and humankind’s connection to our planet. Produced in conjunction with American Forests and the Global ReLeaf programs, Archaia will plant two trees for each tree used in the manufacturing of this book.”

New Picture Books:

My Teacher is a Monster (No I’m Not) by Peter Brown – All Ages – Just loved this book. Think it is quite touching and draws readers to that idea of seeing a teacher outside the school environment. I always laugh when I get the big eyes from students who don’t quite know what to say to me outside of the school. Not certain that they all know I’m a regular human and don’t live at the school… (This hasn’t occurred as much since my son began attending the schools I teach at.) Quite fun and touching, especially accepting that teachers do need a little distance to manage a classroom. Goodreads Summary: “A young boy named Bobby has the worst teacher. She’s loud, she yells, and if you throw paper airplanes, she won’t allow you to enjoy recess. She is a monster! Luckily, Bobby can go to his favorite spot in the park on weekends to play. Until one day… he finds his teacher there! Over the course of one day, Bobby learns that monsters are not always what they seem.”

My New Friend is So Fun! by Mo Willems – All Ages – How does he do it? Loved once again. So I loved this book because I knew it would be a book addressing that fear/worry about your close friend making other friends and leaving you behind… how Mo perfectly pulled this book off? It is Mo Willems, that is how. Loved loved loved… If all friends could balance off one another like Gerald and Piggie it would be lovely. *I loved that there were FOUR voices in this book and when my son and I read it aloud, we had fun reading some lines jointly, etc. Goodreads Summary: “Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends. In My New Friend Is So Fun! Piggie is having so much fun with her new friend. But where does that leave Gerald?”

There once was a cowpoke who swallowed an ant by Helen Ketteman, illustrated by Will Terry – 2014 – Fun, quick new rendition of the classic using animals from Texas… oh my- swallowing a roadrunner, armadillo and what else? Really different resolution that made my son and I both wrinkle up our eyebrows and say, “Hmm. Really, that’s pushing it!” But we chuckled all the same. Goodreads Summary: “”There once was a cowpoke who swallowed an ant– A fiery thing with a Texas-sized sting. The cowpoke panted, and his voice got higher. ‘Yippie-ti-yay! My stomach’s on fire!!'” In this Texas-styled reworking of “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” a cowboy downs a variety of native Southwest creatures–a spider, a roadrunner, a lizard, an armadillo, a snake, a boar, and more–all to catch that ant! Another hilarious and vividly illustrated tale from the team behind Senorita Gordita and The Three Little Gators.”

Out for a little bit picture books:

The Very Fairy Princess by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, illustrated by Christine Davenier – 2010 – Loved getting into the head of a little girl who believes she’s a fairy princess, quite cute. Glad I finally got a chance to read this book. Enjoyed how the little girl emphasized that you need to find your inner sparkle… Goodreads Summary: “While her friends and family may not believe in fairies, Geraldine knows, deep down, that she is a VERY fairy princess. From morning to night, Gerry does everything that fairy princesses do: she dresses in her royal attire, practices her flying skills, and she is always on the lookout for problems to solve. But it isn’t all twirls and tiaras – as every fairy princess knows, dirty fingernails and scabby knees are just the price you pay for a perfect day! ”

Little Lost Tiger by Jonathan London, illustrated by Ilya Spirin – 2012- Loved this picture book, quite suspenseful when a little tiger is left in a safe place only to have to run away when there’s a forest fire.  Goodreads Summary: “A tiger cub survives a forest fire and is reunited with his mother.”

Kimonos by Annelore Parot – 2011 – Just loved this cute little book about little Kokeshi dolls from Japan interacting with the reader making you seek/find, lift flaps, turn out pages, and more.

Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff by Sarah Burell, illustrated by Bryan Langdo – 2010 – loved reading a funny Texas story with a rattlesnake hero. First time I’ve heard about this book, quite cute… can tell it would be a fantastic read aloud! Goodreads Summary: “When a snake slithers into the sleepy town of Dustpan, Texas, the sheriff knows for darned sure that it shouldn’t be allowed to stay—even if it’s really a friendly kind of rattler. No matter if the neighborly reptile has managed to charm the customers at the local restaurant, entertain the Ladies Sewing and join the kids for playtime. After all, that’s the law of the west: NO RATTLESNAKES!
But when little Idie Mae Tumbleweed crawls her way over to dangerous Deadman’s Gulch, the rattler proves he’s one jim-dandy hero.”

Couldn’t stop reading:

Zero Tolerance by Claudia Mills – Fiction, 5th grade and up (a few carefully placed b-words and a little more that reminded me of Esme Codell’s Sahara Special) – Just loved reading about the dilemma and reaction of student, her classmates, her teachers/administration and parents when Sierra, seventh grader, accidentally brings her mom’s lunch bag to work and pulls out her mom’s paring knife at the lunchroom table. Thinking she was doing the right thing, she quickly brings the knife to the office, which then activates the zero tolerance policy leading to a hearing which will decide if she’ll be expelled. Fascinating study of many different characters when they’re in personal crisis and how they rise, influence others, and guide the future… just loved this book, quite recommended, oh what a classroom conversation this book would have- just have to be careful about reading aloud a few words! 🙂 Goodreads Summary: “Seventh-grader Sierra Shepard has always been the perfect student, so when she sees that she accidentally brought her mother’s lunch bag to school, including a paring knife, she immediately turns in the knife at the school office. Much to her surprise, her beloved principal places her in in-school suspension and sets a hearing for her expulsion, citing the school’s ironclad no weapons policy. While there, Sierra spends time with Luke, a boy who’s known as a troublemaker, and discovers that he’s not the person she assumed he would be–and that the lines between good and bad aren’t as clear as she once thought. Claudia Mills brings another compelling school story to life with Zero Tolerance.”

Stole time and picked up this novel:

The Crossing of INGO by Helen DunmoreIngo #4 – Fantasy, 5th grade and up – So this is supposedly the conclusion but really I’m certain that there’s another one I have on order, shall see how the story continues soon enough. I enjoyed this book because it didn’t become heavy handed but certainly addressed environmental issues as characters visited oceans around the globe and discussed warming and impact of pollution. It was interesting to read a political mermaid book… how politics got into a mermaid book honestly worked well and I didn’t roll my eyes and beg for it to just be over… I enjoyed seeing how things developed. It is interesting to imagine having a foot in two worlds like these characters do. Quite the entertaining series! Goodreads Summary: “No human has ever made the Crossing of Ingo – the most dangerous journey young Mer have to face. Sapphy and Conor have been chosen for this epic challenge, and the future of both Air and Ingo depends on their success. But Ervys, his followers and new recruits, the sharks, are determined to stop them – dead or alive…”

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6 comments on “Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. It’s interesting about what words are used in kids books and which words cause a uproar. Zero Tolerance does seem like a good read but now I’m hesitant to pick up books that are great discussions for classrooms. Hopefully this is one like that in addition to being a good story.

    • The Styling Librarian
      July 15, 2014

      🙂 I hear you. Some books are fantastic good reads and good discussion opportunities as well… like Out of My Mind… and Rules… and Wonder… and and and… Ok I’ll stop.

  2. linda Baie (@LBaie)
    July 15, 2014

    I just ordered the new Elephant & Piggie for my “soon to be kindergarten granddaughter’ who is already talking about making new friends! Of course it will be wonderful! Thanks for all the ideas, Debbie, but especially Zero Tolerance. It sounds like something to read and discuss for sure.

    • The Styling Librarian
      July 15, 2014

      🙂 Thanks for visiting… how perfect to have that book for your granddaughter, love those “just in time” books…

  3. Myra GB
    July 16, 2014

    Kimonos caught my eye and Little Lost Tiger (the cover is visually arresting – just wow). I have to check our online library database if we have them. My Teacher is a Monster clearly is receiving a lot of love recently, hope to find it soon! 🙂

  4. Ricki Ginsberg
    July 17, 2014

    Tease Monster would be a great picture book pairing for some of the YAL books my former school uses for bullying. Thank you for sharing it!

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