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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Week 48 Art and Library

Another update- currently while this blog is posting, we’re waiting at the Hong Kong Airport to get on our flight, 18 hours, to visit Portland, Oregon. Cannot wait to see family and friends! We haven’t been to visit since April 2013 and there have been many times this year where I really wanted to visit… hooray for the summer holiday!

Leak in the library, grateful the water didn't touch the books!

Leak in the library, grateful the water didn’t touch the books!

I decided to post about the library, art I’ve glimpsed during the week, books and food. So… library first! Some days Hong Kong can really dump water down from the sky. Unfortunately, the library has a roof above which has a leak issue. This leak hasn’t damaged books, so far, but it is making the floor quite wet. No fun to have a student come over with a wet bottom or another student have a beanbag soaked from the wet floor… The carpet is dark and sometimes I just don’t realize that it is wet! Maintenance hasn’t had the opportunity to address the issue, yet… besides having a heavy duty fan blowing when it is wet.

New loom station in the library.

New loom station in the library.

We set up many displays in the past few months but thought I’d share about two:

1. Loom band station with reference books for students to use. They love these books and find so much inspiration from them. They also borrow from us an actual loom band kit, quite popular.

Special book pulls...

Special book pulls…

Connected to moving and traveling.

Connected to moving and traveling.

2. Books connected to moving and traveling: For the end of the school year, there are many, many students moving to new schools and countries, international schools are like that. We thought having a book display about moving for students to select from would be helpful for the end of the year.

Minecraft book can be absorbing...Love Bone graphic novels too!

The kiddo discovered, again, graphic novels and Minecraft books. He’s not as enthralled at the moment with reading actual novels but since both my husband and I are reading aloud novels to him presently, we’re not concerned.

Delicious smoothie...

Delicious smoothie…

Tried out another restaurant, this one vegetarian called Life Cafe. It was quite delicious, a little expensive but considering what we got it was wonderful.

Had to look closer.

Had to look closer.

Enjoyed a variety of art installations around Hong Kong this past week, see pictures below! I tried to include explanations… I particularly appreciated The Watcher which reminded me of Rodin’s work.


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