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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Week 47

Time to reflect on a week of the past… we’re still exploring new areas, don’t think that will ever end living here in Hong Kong, and so I thought a quick glimpse of life for the week would do… preparing for a trip to the US certainly distracts me right now!

Going up...

Going up…

My kiddo and I visited DB, Discovery Bay, once again and had a fun playdate. We found out about the most fascinating invention- an elevator that moves up and down the hill like an escalator! Super convenient and reasonably quick. So that was my big “wow” of the week.

Happy day to salmon treats...

Happy day to salmon treats…

I’m on a new food plan that is extremely restrictive. Incredibly restrictive. My husband and I are trying out many restaurants to figure out what might actually work for food when we have date nights, etc. So we tried two places this week: Eat Right in Central and Small Medium Large in Times Square, Causeway Bay. I loved Eat Right even though costs there were high and found that SML/Small Medium Large had decent food but the novelty of ordering plates that were either small, medium, or large wore off quickly. (Like eating sushi, things add up!)

Curious about the food plan?: I cannot eat: soy, eggs, dairy, wheat, white rice, meat (except salmon), sugar, processed foods, soda, alcohol… Plus I haven’t eaten tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, or peppers for over 20 years and I’m continuing with those restrictions as well.

Sauteed vegetables with roasted garlic, YUM.

Sauteed vegetables with roasted garlic, YUM.

What am I eating? GREENS, loads of them… plus quinoa, coconut milk, avocado, almond milk, salmon, nuts, lentils, sweet potatoes, and more… I’m drinking fresh juice twice a day and having a smoothie as well… plus green tea has entered my system at least once a day. It isn’t completely fun to be on a new health regimine but I’m happy to be addressing health issues vs. reacting to health issues. Makes me feel a little more in control of my life. What I find interesting is that all the old things that I just couldn’t say no to before: candy, cookies, cake, bread, etc… I have no problem saying “no thank you” to now! I’m experiencing quite a drop in weight which is slightly disconcerting but I still feel healthy and have energy, so that’s what matters presently. **Can’t wait to visit Oregon because I know there are plenty of healthy food options there. Often here in Hong Kong there’s gorgeous choices for restaurants, but a little limited selections if you’re on restrictive eating plans!

Waffills - what an idea.

Waffills – what an idea.

Blink and you’re done with the week! * My husband and kiddo tried out a new belgian waffle restaurant called Waffills that not only has dessert treats in waffles but savory treats as well. I avoided the place!

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