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Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

Thanks to: TeachMentorTexts  and Unleashing Readers for the inspiration! Thanks to Jen and Kellee for the meme! Finished a few books, woot! I was in the mood for some fantasy reading this week, probably just needed distraction from work projects and many to-do’s lately. I was grateful for my school library’s collection this week and was excited to receive a few new books for the library as well!

Celebrated on Saturday:
The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams, illustrated by Quentin Blake

Also celebrated this non-fiction book:

The Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins

Enjoyed these novels:

Twice Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris – Fantasy, 4th grade and up – Enjoyed reading the sequel to Once Upon a Marigold this week, great read, easy on my brain during busy work days at the end of the year. I love fantasy mixed with humor and this book packs it in… My favorite part of the book? The back cover’s words: “Once Upon a Marigold ended with a royal wedding, a vanquished villainess, and a promise of happily-ever-after. End of story. Right? Wrong.” Goodreads Summary: “Since Queen Olympia’s fateful fall into the river, newlyweds Christian and Marigold have been living happily ever after. And they had every intention of keeping it that way–until they find out that Olympia may not be as gone as they thought.
Turns out Olympia is alive and well in a faraway village, having lost her memory after her ill-timed tumble. But one day she awakes and remembers her previous glory as queen. Accompanied by Lazy Susan (Sleeping Beauty’s slacker sister) and Stan Lucasa (a gentleman with a surprising destiny), Olympia returns, determined to take back the kingdom. Yet, thanks to a cast of familiar characters, grabbing the throne may not be as easy as Olympia thinks!”

Ingo by Helen Dunmore – Fantasy, 5th grade and up – from UK – wow. What a book. I was completely lost in this novel from start to finish. Been a while since I read a fantasy world book that I could completely accept and understand. Maybe it was the character development, how the world of Ingo was revealed and developed, or maybe the way the characters communicated… but I was caught and couldn’t stop reading. Unfortunately, it is a five book series… and I really hope I can steal time to read them all. I actually brought the sequel home already. Never mind all the other books sitting on my shelf. Yikes to the growing pile. I really loved this mermaid fantasy. I’m quite a big fan of Emily Windsnap books by Liz Kessler and I’m thrilled that this is the step up from that series reading level-wise and also emotionally. Goodreads Summary: “Sapphire’s father mysteriously vanishes into the waves off the Cornwall coast where her family has always lived. She misses him terribly, and she longs to hear his spellbinding tales about the Mer, who live in the underwater kingdom of Ingo. Perhaps that is why she imagines herself being pulled like a magnet toward the sea. But when her brother, Conor, starts disappearing for hours on end, Sapphy starts to believe she might not be the only one who hears the call of the ocean.”

The Tide Knot by Helen Dunmore – Fantasy, 5th grade and up – from UK – enjoyed returning to this world, interesting new characters, more complications and angst… didn’t find the conclusion as strong as the first book but probably will pick up the third book soon enough! Goodreads Summary: “In a seaside town of sandy beaches and ocean breezes, Sapphy has never felt so far from the sea. The crowded shore at St. Pirans is nothing like the cove at Sapphy’s old home, where she first found her way into the underwater world of Ingo.
But Ingo’s pull is strong, and it always finds a way. Soon Sapphy and her brother, Conor, are swimming beneath the waves again, riding the currents and teasing their Mer friend Faro. As Sapphy goes deeper into Ingo, she learns to feel more at home in the sea—even as she begins to be aware of its dangers.
There’s the danger of going in too deep, and breaking the delicate balance between Sapphy’s life on land and her life in Ingo. There’s the mysterious disappearance of Sapphy’s father, an experienced sailor who should neverhave drowned. And then there’s Ingo itself—a restless power as old as the world, as strong as the tides, and more dangerous than anything Sapphy has ever known.”

Tease Monster (A book about teasing vs. bullying) by Julia Cook, illustrated by Anita DuFalla – 5/6 years old and up – Decided to celebrate this in a Saturday Book Share soon, recommended.

The Frank Show by David Mackintosh – all ages – LOVED this book. Decided to also celebrate this in a Saturday Book Share soon, recommended!

Had fun reading a few books at the bookstore:


The Hueys in None the Number by Oliver Jeffers – Picture books, preschool – Really cute and hilarious, love that The Hueys series is continuing. Goodreads Summary: “”Is none a number?” you might ask. I’m glad you did. The answer is Yes! For example, how many lumps of cheese do you see next to you? The answer, depending on where you are, is likely “none.” Counting with the reader all the way up to ten, the Hueys explain numbers as only they can. Such as: The number 4 is the number of tantrums thrown by Dave every day. 7 is the number of oranges balanced on things. And 9 is the number of seagulls who attacked Frank’s French fries. Together they make quite a spectacle. But when you take away all of these fun illustrations in the book? You’re left with none!”


Not All Princesses Dress in PINK by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Anne-Sophie Lanquentin – Picture book all ages – Loved this book, great repetition and concept. Goodreads Summary: “Not all princesses dress in pink. Some play in bright red socks that stink, blue team jerseys that don’t quite fit, accessorized with a baseball mitt, and a sparkly crown! Princesses come in all kinds. Exuberant text from Jane Yolen and her daughter Heidi Yolen Stemple paired with charming illustrations prove that girls can jump in mud puddles and climb trees, play sports and make messes—all while wearing their tiaras! Not every girl has a passion for pink, but all young ladies will love this empowering affirmation of their importance and unlimited potential.”

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18 comments on “Styling Librarian #IMWAYR It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. Some interesting books that’ll fit in with the We Need Diverse Books campaign, it seems. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy most of Oliver Jeffers’s books but the Hueys never caught on with me.

    • The Styling Librarian
      June 16, 2014

      🙂 Happy to share… Hueys series is funny but I prefer Oliver’s other books much more…

  2. Crystal
    June 16, 2014

    I loved Once Upon a Marigold, but have never picked up the sequel. I will have to do that sometime. The Frank Show looks fun. I am adding it to my list. Thanks!

    • The Styling Librarian
      June 17, 2014

      it is sometimes hard to squeeze in sequels… I’m glad to know about The Frank Show… 🙂

  3. Holly Mueller
    June 17, 2014

    The cover of Ingo looks intriguing! Thanks for sharing all these great books!

    • The Styling Librarian
      June 17, 2014

      🙂 I pulled the last two in the Ingo series, shall see if I get thru them before I go away on holiday! 🙂

  4. linda Baie (@LBaie)
    June 17, 2014

    For my granddaughters-Not all Princesses Dress In Pink-looks great! I enjoyed hearing you rave about the Ingo books-fun to discover a new fantasy series for the middles! Thanks, Debbie!

  5. Ms. O
    June 17, 2014

    Will look forward to more details on The Frank Show. My favorite Oliver Jeffers is probably … Stuck? Or maybe the one about the moose. I can’t remember the name.

  6. Ricki Ginsberg
    June 17, 2014

    The Frank Show looks very good! I love when a book can be appreciated by all ages. Those are the best! Thank you for sharing all of these books with us!

    • The Styling Librarian
      June 17, 2014

      Thanks for visiting… Agreed, appreciated by all ages makes it last longer as a celebrated book, in my opinion… 🙂

  7. Quentin Blake always makes me think of Roald Dahl. I have trouble separating the two!
    Love the Beetle Book and read Once Upon a Marigold, but never Twice though I own it. Looking forward to getting to it eventually.
    Don’t know the others, so thank you for sharing!
    Happy reading this week! 🙂

    • The Styling Librarian
      June 17, 2014

      Absolutely, I think Roald Dahl each time I see Quentin Blake’s work, but honestly, here in Hong Kong, we’re exploding a variety of his creations… 🙂 Glad to share some new-to-you books! 🙂

  8. carriegelson
    June 17, 2014

    Wow – what a great Monday list – I see some favourites of mine – The Beetle Book and The Frank Show! Love, love, both of these. My Dad is a Frank and many of my students delighted reading this title to him when he comes in to volunteer.

    • The Styling Librarian
      June 17, 2014

      🙂 Oh how perfect that your dad volunteers in your class… My Dad used to visit at my old school and in my sister’s classroom as well… now I’m in Asia so that isn’t happening but it is so special when students can be around grandparents and learn to appreciate their background, experiences, and characters… 🙂

  9. Myra GB
    June 19, 2014

    These are all unfamiliar titles to me – except Once Upon a Marigold – and its sequel – I think I own copies of those books. The Boy in the Dress caught my eye. I hope I can find a title like that in our libraries here, but I doubt it. 🙂

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