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Styling Librarian Asia Adventure Part 6 Malaysia Legoland

Sure, I can sit on a massage chair for a few minutes!

Sure, I can sit on a massage chair for a few minutes!

Traveling to Johor Baru wasn’t as smooth as we’d like because of a flight delay and concern for catching our connecting flight. I always chuckle when someone says, “Not to worry”… In the long run things do work out but at the time worries do arise.

Creative way to dress up little chicken nuggets, don't you think?

Creative way to dress up little chicken nuggets, don’t you think?

Airport food for the kiddo.

Airport food for the kiddo.

Kiddo is ridiculously excited about getting to Legoland Malaysia!

Kiddo is ridiculously excited about getting to Legoland Malaysia!

We were able to get to Legoland around five hours later than expected, so as we exited the airport, we grabbed Subway sandwiches which helped wrap up the evening.
The Legoland hotel quickly lost its appeal for my husband and I, our son on the other hand was quite happy the entire time.

Why they didn’t provide WIFI throughout the building was unknown but then they did provide quite faulty wifi in their lobby. The Legoland hotel room was quite exciting for my son since they provided him with a search and find mission ending with a prize in a treasure chest.

We started the next day off with an early entry to Legoland, only a few areas to visit though for those 30 minutes. We rode rides, watched a 4D movie, and had fun with Lego robotics.

My favorite area was Lego Miniland- just enjoyed how creative people are and how impressive mini locations can be: (Thanks to my kiddo for explaining the different areas of the Chima Miniland Area!!)

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At midday after lunch, I took a little mommy time to read and my husband and kiddo went to the water park. They enjoyed it for a few hours and then called it complete when there was thunder. We ran through pouring rain, seriously, like amber rain in Hong Kong, and then watched another 4D movie.

We decided to wander through the nearby mall and was pleasantly surprised by a terrific Thai restaurant. Good to relax there for dinner after dealing with really kid friendly restaurants for breakfast and lunch.

Two days was enough for mom and dad!

Two days was enough for mom and dad!

Our final day of the trip had us up early packing, preparing, and breakfasting… The kiddo and husband went for final few adventures in Legoland and I completed a few reading commitments, which I immensely enjoyed.




See how they move?

See how they move?

Then we checked out. After checkout we had booked a car to bring us to Singapore to catch a plane back to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the Legoland Hotel didn’t succeed in getting us a car, instead we were a little stressed and disappointed and grabbed a nice taxi that took us that way anyways. The hotel told us three times that the regular taxi couldn’t get us over the border but actually, the taxi not only was a comfortable roomy van, but the driver provided us with the correct paperwork and got us thru immigration without any issue for around $25 USD less than the hotel was charging…
Things do work out… Not necessarily the way we planned but sometimes for the better…
We enjoyed family time and adventures, relieved to be home and enjoying the beauty of living in Hong Kong.

When we were at the airport in Singapore, we were a little mesmerized by the art exhibit: Kinetic Rain- took a little video of it:

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