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Styling Librarian Asia Adventure Part 4 Cambodia Angkor Wat

Another morning adventure in Cambodia brought us on a tuk tuk to Angor Wat to see ancient temples. It was hot. The kiddo wasn’t enamored with the temples, slightly expected. We took many breaks and enjoyed as much as we had in us to enjoy, then we headed back to the hotel for lunch and a little nap/down time… I had two favorites, smiles and nature returns with a vengence… Ok that isn’t their official names… But that’s what I mentally call them. Here are pictures. I wrote accompanying comments…

I like looking up.

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Happy to visit a bookstore!

Happy to visit a bookstore!

IMG_3336 IMG_3335

Especially excited to find Esme Codell's book!

Especially excited to find Esme Codell’s book!

We visited a really nice combination book store and toy store and enjoyed seeing what books were being sold. My biggest ahah! was seeing a favorite book by Esme Codell, Teach your children to read so they’ll love reading. Hoping someone buys it soon. I liked how the booksellers had displays, was quite tempting. I also found it interesting to see how popular Ian Beck’s Adventures of Tom Trueheart was and liked seeing it on display in multiple areas. I finally had a chance to read What Does the Fox Say? thought the illustrations were beautiful and wild simultaneously. Know I’ll pick it up soon enough for the library. *My terrible frustration with traveling and lack of space for new books never ends, I think our next journey will include space for buying local language books… I don’t tire of adding to the library’s mother tongue language section.

My husband was a little overexcited to find a Mexican restaurant in Cambodia, I ordered local ginger sauteed vegetables and shared salad rolls with the kiddo but husband and kiddo also tried out quesadillas and tacos, they enjoyed but didn’t compare to what we miss while here in Asia.

Shopping and negotiating isn’t a favorite pastime of mine, as I’ve mentioned before but I did enjoy finding stickers that celebrated reading. Yep, that’s it. My husband found some cool tshirts but I just didn’t feel the need after just spending money on those wonderful pieces in Hoi An…

View from car, people just pull to the middle of the road to shop at these stands!

View from car, people just pull to the middle of the road to shop at these stands!

So interesting.

So interesting.

Long drive, thank goodness for a good driver.

Long drive, thank goodness for a good driver.

Hello Bangkok restaurant, phew!

Hello Bangkok restaurant, phew!

Off to car ride, train ride, Bangkok, and night train…
So… Hard to leave air conditioned car to walk thru the border between Cambodia (don’t opt for VIP Cambodia paperwork, done in no time)…
Then to walk over to Thailand border crossing was extremely hot… We went to the immigration building and I thought to myself, “they’ll have air conditioning it won’t be too bad”… Um no. Sure there was ac but when all the windows and curtains are opened, negates the ac. Three hours standing in a mostly unfriendly pushy, some people trying to cut in line and getting yelled at, terribly sweaty hot line wasn’t fun, at all. I was too hot to even think about listening to a book or reading! That’s really hot for me… Have I mentioned how lucky we are to have a patient kiddo? After standing in line for over 1.5 hours, the poor child said, “I really need to pee now…” Husband stayed with all our luggage and I walked kiddo out of terribly tight crowded line and we went looking for a toilet. Turned out that we had to go back to Cambodia and find a toilet there, found one but was asked for money, kiddo peed and we walked back the border path, up the stairs, and thru the ridiculously crazy tight crowd back to our little place in line. People were mostly friendly, some gave us looks and I just repeated, “had to pee, sorry… Want to get back to my husband, sorry…” Ech. Not the greatest experience. Free entry by the way, but if you can get there earlier, might help, might not…

After we were thru the border we knew we missed the train we planned to take to Bangkok, so we hired a taxi for $60 USD to get there. Beat the train and felt extremely grateful for the careful, aggressive, talented taxi driving… 4 1/2 hours later we got to the hostel that was ready for us. Thank goodness my husband had our train tickets delivered there and we reserved a room, popular place with a few weary travelers who didn’t get a place to stay. Had a few hours in the am to rest, have some yummy breakfast, and then pack up for our final night train adventure…


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4 comments on “Styling Librarian Asia Adventure Part 4 Cambodia Angkor Wat

  1. lenorelook
    May 25, 2014

    Wow! Love your adventures and beautiful photos. Oh, how I wish I could travel with you guys — even in the heat! Hi to Doug and Declan! xxooxo

    • The Styling Librarian
      May 25, 2014

      We all say HI!!!! back! 🙂 Wish you could travel with us too, still treasure memories from last summer! 🙂 x

  2. Nancy Farrar
    May 26, 2014

    I love your photos and naratives of your adventures. What memories and life lessons you and your son will have to share in the future.

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