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Styling Librarian Asia Adventure Part 3 Cambodia Day 1 Phnom Penh and Siem Reap


IMG_3002Phnom Pen, enjoyed going to the waterfront to a restaurant called Lemon Grass and a eating pretty delicious meal… We also walked along the water and watched locals dancing, playing, and relaxing. Pretty active place day and night.
There were a few cathedrals by the water that were interesting to look at too.  The hotel we stayed at was gorgeous, salt water swimming pool, food, and friendly helpful staff. We really liked being there and only regretted that we were there only one night and that the LONG bus ride got us to the hotel much later than we expected. It was a pretty grueling ride because of a detour that added on over an hour to the trip.
Apparently we are visiting during the dry season so things like ferries and speed boats aren’t operating, which is a little frustrating but we’ve adapted easy enough.

Travel in the car...

Travel in the car…

 We hired a driver to take us six hours to Siem Reap for our two night hotel stay and adventures… Long trip but another nice hotel, this one with no pool, sigh, but free massage for all of us. A foot massage is $1 USD on the street along the night market and the tshirts are on sale for $4-8 each. Interesting to wander around. Saw many temptations, but after spending money in Hoi An, it isn’t easy to spend more.


Quad Adventure Cambodia

Quad Adventure Cambodia

Funny to be in Cambodia where the widely accepted form of payment is in US dollars vs local money.
We paid $64 USD for a quad car adventure for the three of us, that was interesting. We saw many cattle, rice fields (rainy season is July-November so right now things are dried out and we can race around all over the rice fields, etc.) Amazing to get a little tiny glimpse of Siem Reap, Cambodia…

There were fascinating hay stacks that the locals use for feeding their cattle and horses when it is rainy/rice growing season.

Isn't this a fascinating haystack?

Isn’t this a fascinating haystack?

I graciously let someone else drive me around. Practiced driving on my own but was happy to click away on my iPhone instead, got to see much more than if I was driving myself, gritting my teeth and bumping along. My husband was in his element. Happy time for the guys, which is terrific. Our son enjoyed a little off road driving of his own.

Fun on the quad bike:

Here’s my glimpse of Siem Reap through this Quad Bike Adventure:

We also appreciated staying at a nice hotel, quite welcoming staff… we were on the fourth floor, yikes to walking up and down those stairs!

Our Quad Bike Adventure guide dropped us off at his recommended restaurant- so cool, building made of bamboo. Yummy food.

Next up? Angkor Wat, Cambodia!

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