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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Library Update March and April Fun!

Last catch up before my next set of posts… Our spring break adventure will take over soon. A friend pointed out that the adventure sounded like the “Amazing Race” show… sort of but not quite. I’m all about relaxing and reading, so that is prioritized over rushing and running… although experiencing life in new places, seeing sites, and appreciating the culture is always valued. Here’s where we went: Started with a night train to Nanning, then Hanoi, Danang, Hoi An, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Bangkok, Penang, Johor Bahru – Legoland, and Singapore to home… around 1/2 of the journey includes night trains, a few hotels, and goodness knows all the modes of transport– jetboat, taxi, bus, tuk tuk, etc… SO SO glad I was able to negotiate with my doctors to have this family adventure… So grateful for life’s adventures, ups and downs… Those posts will come. Today I’m focusing on school activities.

There were many activities that occurred in the past two months at school. I enjoyed celebrating books with children, staff and the community in many ways…

intl book giving day 2014We celebrated International Book Giving Day by passing out books from our book exchange area to school assemblies, quite a bit of fun since we were “book fairies” gifting random students with books to either read or leave in special areas around random areas of Hong Kong. (Why I’m a fairy in the image at the top of the post.)

IMG_2035We welcomed Liz Million, author and illustrator of many books, to our school and loved her presentations, more to come on Liz soon, author interview!! I’m simply sharing many YouTube videos in this post, readers on email, sorry you don’t see them… you could click on the link at the top of the page to get online to watch… Being efficient this week since I already invested time creating these movie celebrations!

We Skyped with Patrick Carman and Tara Lazar. Thank you to BOTH wonderful, generous people!! What talented authors they both are… 

Celebrating International Book Week was quite fun, especially with Book Character Day.

I appreciated using Animoto for video creations, quite useful, especially when I have so many photographs!

Year 6 students are preparing for Exhibition presentations and I took a few pictures of their art that represents the topic of their inquiry, some powerful pieces. So impressed with the student talent (and teacher patience with projects taking over space here, there and everywhere!)

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