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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Catch Up 2 April 2014

So, continuing from last week’s post catching up on life activities. So far I shared about moving to a new apartment, our decision to stay here in Hong Kong through 2016, and my surgeries that I’ve since recovered from… now, more on life here in Hong Kong in the past two months:

Supporting #4Nathalie

Supporting #4Nathalie

#KICKASPS Video created… I already blogged about this on a #WhateverWednesday post… extremely important and special to me, link to post above plus this video connects to it:


Round escalator, supporting 4Nathalie

Round escalator, supporting 4Nathalie

I was laid up for a little while after the surgery, left the apartment carefully at quieter times of the day when I wouldn’t be in crowds getting bumped. My constant companion:

My constant companion as I recovered from surgery.

My constant companion as I recovered from surgery.

When we did venture out I randomly took pictures. I started using Instagram, LOVE IT, and so I now have some interesting pictures collected:

I was really happy to go back to work. Quite a relief to get permission… still being careful and pacing myself but enjoying the days… Next week’s post will help me catch up on two months of school activities!

Happy day, reason kiddo was tolerant about moving.

Happy day, reason kiddo was tolerant about moving.

When we moved, we promised our kiddo that we’d get him a bunk bed. We decided to invest a little money in a new bunk bed that had a built in desk and a little space to organize his books and beloved Lego collections, here’s the installation:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Doug was able to get us Hong Kong Sevens tickets to see rugby… Went on a Friday which is a quieter day. I thought it was well attended. Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed by the experience, but in a good way. Fantastic for people watching in addition to learning about rugby!

Hong Kong Sevens video compilations:

Next week will be my last “catch up” post- will include library activities… Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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