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Styling Librarian China Adventure Guangzhou Day 3

This was our day to wander around Guangzhou and find the local markets. We really wandered all over the place after taking a long subway ride out to where we were told markets were… They were quite similar to areas I’ve been to in Hong Kong. The prices were quite different though, very, very low. At one point, I was in this random inside shop area in a small stationary store where I loved markers, pens, erasers, and other supplies and when the saleslady totalled up the prices, I thought she missed a few items… things that I would spend $50 USD on, I paid $6 for… and everything I bought I’ve used gratefully.

IMG_1873We were on a specific mission to locate fairy wings for me. I wanted to have some for two purposes in my school library for International Book Giving Day and World Book Day (when we dress up as book characters) as well. My husband found a vendor on the first street of people selling things along the sidewalk… I negotiated and bought four different colored fairy wings and was thrilled to carry them around the rest of the time.

After that success, we wandered to different food vendors, found some tech and clothing related things we needed, and briefly visited a local toilet. (Not too terrible but I’ll never have an affinity for squatty potties.)

Found many items just sold along the street, like fairy wings, new iPhone cover, and card games.

Found many items just sold along the street, like fairy wings, new iPhone cover, and card games.

We enjoyed trying some of the local food. I walked by so many little shops that sold things that I hadn’t seen before. I avoided the areas that sold fur, held my breath around the dried fish and stinky tofu, but dried snake all bundled together? That gave me quite a jump:

You want a bundle of dried snake, right?!

You want a bundle of dried snake, right?!



So, we often find when we’re travelling that there is something that many local artisans create- we’ve found special wooden frogs, fans, jewelry and such. This time it was wire creations. My husband and son loved chatting, holding, and investigating how the local artists created the wire art. It was quite a fun thing to discover. We did come home with a little copper bicycle that has a kickstand and moving pedals.



Our kiddo became quite obsessed with the idea of buying a skateboard. We argued for a while about this since we wanted to work specifically on his bicycle riding skills, not start a new skill but he convinced us that he really wanted to purchase one. We found an amazing deal on a nice quality skateboard, helmet, and elbow/knee pads with the agreement that he would pay for it himself, which he did. It is interesting to talk about needs and wants with a boy who already “gets” it. When he justifies with a “I know it is a want, but I want to pay for it myself…”, we’ll carefully agree.

We enjoyed the day and just had fun relaxing, walking, and recovering a little from the busy day at the Chimelong parks the day before… so the next post we will return to the parks!

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