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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Y2 Week 28 TST Wandering

make lemonade

Day 5: TST- Tsim Sha Tsui:

We decided to have a random day in Tsim Sha Tsui since there were a few areas we hadn’t visited before…

First we walked into Kowloon Park. Enjoyed wandering around different areas. We specifically were curious about the children’s playground and aviary. We found numerous fountains, beautiful landscape, a pond with turtles (those turtles love logs), and some people practicing martial arts.

Then when we got to the playground, we realized that it was really crowded and more for very young children. So we went to the aviary and compared it to the Hong Kong park in Admiralty. The birds at this aviary were tropical and larger… plus we felt a little sad about the small cages. They were well kept and it was a peaceful setting, just smaller enclosure.

We wandered into McDonalds and I decided to take two pictures of what is different in McDonald’s here vs. US. I honestly haven’t felt like experimenting with McDonald’s food.

Red bean pie! (They also have apple pie.)

Red bean pie! (They also have apple pie.)

McDonalds! Where you can buy mushroom soup.

McDonalds! Where you can buy mushroom soup.

Finally, we went over to the Hong Kong Avenue of the Comic Book Stars. This was something new to me, it wasn’t in guidebooks I’ve read and was something we randomly glimpsed as we walked through the park. There are signs explaining why the avenue was created and how the creators of the comic book stars were honored. Each statue has a star with a print, explanation about the star and a larger than life character. It was special. Enjoyed walking through and learning about the characters. Hoping to find some English editions of some of these comic books so that I can actually enjoy the books vs. just seeing the characters!

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Normally, I share a weekly reflection on life here in Hong Kong. I’m going to do something a little different for the next eight weeks, I’m going to share our “make lemonade” story. Sure, I’ll probably have other special events within those eight weeks, but I’ve decided that this year, I won’t be as rigid with my Hong Kong reflection posts and if I have an opportunity for quality reflection, I’ll grab it and share!

We planned a family vacation to Malaysia complete with flights, hotels, air b+b’s, and night trains all booked and paid for… then when we headed to the airport, we tried to check in and the airline turned us away… why? Because we needed to have six months or more on our passports and we had five and a half months before renewal. If the airline didn’t turn us away and we flew to Malaysia, we’d be turned away and sent right back to Hong Kong. So… as frustrated as we were, we headed back home and quickly unpacked everything. Then we went out to make the most of the day. Thank goodness my husband and I (and our wonderful son) are able to find solutions… Here are our adventures from our week in Malaysia our staycation in Hong Kong. We had a fantastic week and enjoyed many different adventures!

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2 comments on “Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Y2 Week 28 TST Wandering

  1. Joyce bates
    February 9, 2014

    Did I spot Elvis Man and Pelvic Thrust Man among the comic book characters? LOL!

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