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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Recap January 2014 part 1

Since I have a pileup of wonderful photos recently, thought I’d create an extra post to keep our activities mostly up to date… This post is about visiting my friend Tanja’s library in Sai Kung. It is quite a beautiful space, just opened this year! There are floors and areas still under construction… great green theme throughout. Tanja blogs at: and sometimes here too: I love keeping up with the links she shares on Facebook here:

So, I’ve been excited to go visit Tanja’s library since we began talking about it being built last year. She was able to provide ideas and feedback to the people developing the library and had a lovely goal: “When you walk into the library, you can see everything at once from the non-fiction to the fiction to the picture books.” I personally loved that when I walked into the library I could immediately see window seating and writing on the windows celebrating different lines from books, not written by Tanja, but by her students!

IMG_0808 IMG_0809

After I was finished staring out the windows, I was ready to climb up ladders! Seriously, there are amazing ladders that are strategically placed around the library. I had fun trying one out!

I did!

I did!

Tanja sharing a class favorite...

Tanja sharing a class favorite…

My lovely friend... Tanja

My lovely friend… Tanja

We wandered through Tanja’s back room where she hids her future teaching books so that they are new and special when she begins new author and research inquiries. Then we walked around and talked about books, displays, lessons, resources, spatial challenges, and many other topics… normally when we’re together there’s always amazing conversations that I walk away from feeling invigorated and inspired…

We decided to walk along Sai Kung’s pier and enjoy the scenery, beautiful area!

Then Tanja showed me the view from her apartment… wow.

Up on a really high floor, what a view!

Up on a really high floor, what a view!

Tanja that’s so much for welcoming me into your library! I loved every minute of the visit…

Tanja and I at the entrance to her library!

Tanja and I at the entrance to her library!

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