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Styling Librarian: Library Activity Glimpse – Favorite 5 teacher librarian bloggers included

Thought since I have the lemons to lemonade posts taking over my Sundays, I’ve found lately I’ve collected many pictures of things going on in the library. So, here’s a “library glimpse” post! (I’m celebrating some favorite teacher librarian bloggers who inspired me in this post, thank you to all… I appreciate getting ideas I can immediately implement in my library!)

Teaching digital citizenship with Digital Passport.

Teaching digital citizenship with Digital Passport.

There were four weeks of activity since I last posted. I was teaching in the ICT (technology) lab with my Year 4-6 students discussing digital citizenship with them and managing their progress through the program Digital Passport. I learned about this program thanks to Shannon Miller, grateful she blogs about her library activities! –



New bookshelf labels...

New bookshelf labels…

The first day back at school I was really excited because some bookshelves were delivered which solved a huge space problem in the picture book area of the library. I know, the library is 2 1/2 years old, how can there be space issues already? Well, they were issues to me… the book shelves were different so that some of the picture books were simply shelved by the first letter and then letters S-Z were shelved by the last three letters of the authors last name. This led many of my students to puzzled moments when selecting books. Plus there were three bookshelves sitting in the middle of the pathway which made the area feel quite cramped.  Now, we have consistent shelves which are simply shelved by the first letter and the three bookshelves fit along the walls with the other shelves, ahhh breathing room. Last year when I began working at Bradbury, this bothered me since I had different last three letter shelving at my old school… now I love shelving simply by the first letter. My Year 1 to Year 6 students can help reshelve the books, locate books quickly, and less books are shelved in the wrong places. It is a relief. So, I also decided we should relabel the shelves. They aren’t quite perfect but I find them much more inviting and additionally students “get” it when they’re looking for books now. *We circulate an average of 600-1200 books in a normal library day, we shelve with the help of student and parent volunteers along with my wonderful assistant’s time! 360 Quick Vine video of the shelves:

Quick pics inspired by Tanja and Dianne

Quick pics inspired by Tanja and Dianne

New books display and quick picks underneath!

New books display and quick picks underneath!

We also added a “quick pick” area to the library. This is for our slow book selectors, plus there is a display of new books above which helps some students find fantastic books quickly. Thanks to Tanja and Dianne– wonderful Hong Kong librarian friends who shared this idea with me! (They write wonderful teacher librarian blogs, their names are linked to their sites, do visit!)

Favorite books display...

Favorite books display…

Lift the flap to find out title, author, call number and see cover!

Lift the flap to find out title, author, call number and see cover!

Finally, displays needed to be updated for the new year so I took an idea from Sarah, a librarian who blogs at Try Curiosity, who blogged about displays celebrating New Beginnings. I had a wonderful time with this lift-the-flap concept and popped these around the library with my student librarians help… Didn’t take too much time and Sarah and I chatted on Twitter and I added my ideas to her google doc of first book lines, so these resources are already ready for you to use on her page:
I created a Vine video to show how this looks, somehow it is failing to embed here so here’s the link:

I think that her other bulletin board idea there: “Use your device to expand, not escape” is also quite promising! If you like displays, I should mention that I loved listening to Elementary Librarian’s podcast called “How to make books fly off your shelves” where she interviewed Jennifer Underhill, some fantastic ideas here…

It is coming up to Chinese New Year and we had fun decorating the library, watching a Chinese New Year school performance, and were awed by a lion dance as well, those will be in the next post!

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4 comments on “Styling Librarian: Library Activity Glimpse – Favorite 5 teacher librarian bloggers included

  1. Debra Perrin
    January 31, 2014

    Debbie I love this post. Not only does it bring me right ump to date with the amazing Bradbury Library but I love how you’ve honoured fellow librarians. I know your creativity is also shared around the world and more people will be inspired by you too. This is true learning.

  2. Jocelyn Sams
    February 1, 2014

    Thanks for mentioning the podcast! I loved that episode, too, but I love them all. 🙂

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