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Styling Librarian: Review: Seven Stories Up

Celebrating today’s book release, here’s my thoughts on the beautiful book Seven Stories Up by Laurel Snyder: (I’ve shared this before at the end of November, but have updated my thoughts and wish to celebrate on book release day!)


I absolutely loved reading Seven Stories Up and I am certain that I will reread it quite soon. It was such a special book that I actually just couldn’t stop reading. I loved the premise of the story where a mother and daughter are driving to a strange hotel to meet a stranger. It was so easy to be drawn into the enchanting world that Laurel creates in the hotel… I already felt like I was reading about a magical place even before the magic of Laurel Snyder’s time travel began. I loved the friendship that developed through the time travel and the adventures that occurred were entertaining, I held my breath through most of them because I was quite worried about how both characters would fare in the situations they kept finding themselves in… rollerskating in a store filled with delicate items? I wouldn’t recommend doing that, but what a fun challenge! This book made me really appreciate modern medicine and knowledge that has grown about diseases and how to care for people. It was a lovely story. I’m quite grateful that Laurel Snyder helped me attain an advanced readers copy! Highly recommended! But I also recommend going and grabbing the wonderful companion to Seven Stories Up called Bigger than a Bread Box and reading it numerous times before this book is released- on January 28, 2014!
Quotes that kept me reading and wondering and loving this book:
“It’s like she’s got a big black hole inside. Like she’s hungry and can’t get full, no matter how people try to feed her.”
“I only know that I belong somewhere else. Or somewhen.”
“It was much nicer in the warm, dry clothes, with the rubbed-clean feeling of a rain shower.”
“Magic is what people call it when the universe corrects itself and they happen to be watching.”

Laurel Snyder posted a beautiful reflection on her inspiration and life experience that led to writing Seven Stories Up. Quite enlightening and very touching:


Summary at Goodreads: “In this companion to Bigger than a Bread Box, a leap back in time and an unlikely friendship changes the future of one family forever.
Annie has never even met her grandmother before.  In fact, she’s never had much family to speak of.  So when she and her mother pull into the drive of her grandmother’s home in Baltimore, Annie can hardly contain her excitement!
But when she actually meets her grandma, the bitter old woman doesn’t seem like someone Annie could ever love, or miss.  Until one magical, stormy night changes everything.
It’s impossible that Annie could have jumped back in time. . . right? But here she is in 1937— the year her grandmother was just her age!
Molly is an invalid. She lives by herself, on the top floor of a hotel.  She seems a little lonely, but friendly and fun, nothing like the horrible old woman Annie just met.
Annie entices Molly down from her room, and together the two girls roam. They sneak around the grand hotel, and explore the brick streets of old Baltimore. Carnivals and taxis, midnight raids on the kitchen.  The two grow closer.
But as Molly becomes bolder, and ventures further from the safety of her room, Annie begins to wonder how she’ll ever get back home. Maybe she’s changed the past a little too much. . .”

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7 comments on “Styling Librarian: Review: Seven Stories Up

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  2. Jillian
    July 13, 2014

    Is there a major theme to this story?

    • The Styling Librarian
      July 15, 2014

      Yes. What do you think it was?

      • Jillian
        July 16, 2014

        I don’t really know. Maybe enjoy what have and appreciate it for what it is before it’s gone? What do you think it is?

      • The Styling Librarian
        July 16, 2014

        I agree. I feel like the overall theme was:
        Live a fulfilled life without regrets. I also feel like a secondary theme was: Kindness and happiness is important at all ages.

      • Jillian Ski
        August 7, 2014

        What is a example for live a fufilled life with out regrets? Is one, because Annie was nice as a kid, to never regret how you have changed or something?


      • The Styling Librarian
        August 8, 2014

        I think it is more about how you should live your life acting in the best way you know possible, taking challenges, and trusting your instincts so that you don’t regret your actions later…

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