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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Y2 Wk 24 Staycation

make lemonade

Normally, I share a weekly reflection on life here in Hong Kong. I’m going to do something a little different for the next eight weeks, I’m going to share our “make lemonade” story. Sure, I’ll probably have other special events within those eight weeks, but I’ve decided that this year, I won’t be as rigid with my Hong Kong reflection posts and if I have an opportunity for quality reflection, I’ll grab it and share!


We planned a family vacation to Malaysia complete with flights, hotels, air b+b’s, and night trains all booked and paid for…

So excited to go on a trip! (sigh)

So excited to go on a trip! (sigh)

then when we headed to the airport, we tried to check in and the airline turned us away… why? Because we needed to have six months or more on our passports and we had five and a half months before renewal. If the airline didn’t turn us away and we flew to Malaysia, we’d be turned away and sent right back to Hong Kong. So… as frustrated as we were, we headed back home and quickly unpacked everything. Then we went out to make the most of the day. Thank goodness my husband and I (and our wonderful son) are able to find solutions… Here are our adventures from our week in Malaysia our staycation in Hong Kong. We had a fantastic week and enjoyed many different adventures!

Day 1: Hong Kong Park in Admiralty: exploring fountains, the park, an aviary, and the conservatory:

Hong Kong Park, just cross a street...

Hong Kong Park, just cross a street…

So, what do you do once you return home and unpack your bags? Take a nap? Scream at people on the phone? Email to random people complaining about them not helping catch the mistake ahead of time? Naah… Not too healthy. We decided to go to a park that my husband and son discovered a few days before… Hong Kong Park in Admiralty. This is so easy to access by bus or MTR! Just up a few escalators and across a street, voila, you’re there!
When you enter the park, you first come upon a lovely fountain that you can actually enter without getting too drenched!

Tiny turtle on big rock...

Tiny turtle on big rock…

There are a few other fountains that beckon you through the park, a lovely lake with creatures to observe and then many places to settle and relax in. (I plan to return here after a busy day of work when I need to decompress…)

Fun at the fountain...

Fun at the fountain…

I especially enjoyed the various plants in the conservatory. I was honestly quite lost in there…

What! Cacao tree!!

What! Cacao tree!!

Then we visited the aviary, spent a bit of time in there just looking around:

Good location to wander and relax. Plus there’s a great kids playground to enjoy!

long time in this location playing...

long time in this location playing…

So that ends the beginning of eight staycation posts. The rest will almost all be other special locations around Hong Kong. We really enjoyed making the most of the holiday here. It wasn’t hard to make lemonade here in Hong Kong. There’s just so many beautiful things to appreciate here… plus some great food as well!

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2 comments on “Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Y2 Wk 24 Staycation

  1. Debra Perrin
    January 12, 2014

    So I’m now blabbing away, many happy memories for me and my family too. The first trip I did as a parent helper at Bradbury was to the conservatory at HK Park, Rhiannon was in Year 3 and they were studying habitats. Your post took me right back to 2003 and those great times, thanks. Happy tears from me and so glad you are making HK home for your family too xx

    • The Styling Librarian
      January 12, 2014

      Huge hugs your way Debra… happy to remind you of the past, I think happy tears are healthy… time flies, doesn’t it? Missing you over here… I just loved that park… Planning to decompress sometime there when needed…

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