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Styling Librarian: Hong Kong Update Y2 Wk23 Fun with Statistics

stackobooksTwo quick pictures connected to Hong Kong this week:

Loved meeting up with my friend Megan at a coffee shop called Silly Boo. Enjoyed delicious treats there including something new to me called a banoffie (banana/toffee melt in your mouth goodness). Recipe just in case a friend is curious to try it out:
Also, I enjoyed visiting a store called Cotton On thanks to another friend’s recommendation. Love visiting after Christmas sales but this was the only one I got to before our holiday trip… had enough shopping within the past week visiting Shenzhen and Sham Shui Po so certainly not lacking…


cottononThought I’d provide myself one week’s respite from posting about more specific Hong Kong adventures. *We were supposed to go to Malaysia but learned a financially painful lesson… folks, you cannot fly into many Asian countries if your passport needs to be renewed within six months. We’re recovering from the frustration/disappointment and turned around and enjoyed Hong Kong in many ways instead… I’ll share about those next week. Here’s hoping for smoother travel outside of Hong Kong in the future after we renew our passports! So, here’s a few reflections on book circulation and promotion at my school!

I enjoy looking at statistics in regards to library book circulation. I’m fascinated to learn about what are popular books, popular days of the week for borrowing, best borrowing classes, amount of books circulating per week, etc. Since August, we’ve loaned 25,000 books, our library isn’t quiet! A few weeks ago, there were over 1000 items circulated within a day. Can you imagine that? Around 500 books loaned and borrowed in one day’s time. That’s exciting to take note of! (Groan to the shelving, thank goodness for volunteers!) So here’s a few things that I thought would be fun to share today:

Popular Books Circulated since August: Sometimes the books that are the most popular are circulated so quick that I don’t even notice when they come in or out of the library. I often see favorites on the “hold shelf” but others are quickly borrowed by one friend when another returns it without any reservations used. Here’s what pops up as the top 20 books at Bradbury when you search by ECB (early chapter books), EYF (picture books), FIC (fiction books), GN (graphic novels), NF (non-fiction) books loaned from August to December overall:


When you sit back and look at this list… goodness to students love Wonder by R.J. Palacio! Isn’t that fantastic? I also see books I could predict from Smurfs graphic novels to Geronimo Stilton to Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Captain Underpants. Then I start seeing other books… the Hong Kong Battle of the Books titles, Jack Stalwart early chapter book adventure series, to the picture books with Elmer the elephant. So I dug a little deeper to see the next ten titles that were popular as well:


More Geronimo Stilton, Jack Stalwart, and Battle of the Books titles. Then there are other books like Beast Quest early chapter book titles, Jacqueline Wilson books, Horrid Henry and Scaredy Squirrel.

Did I want to stop looking at books? I wondered about the books I only had one copy of… or the popular books that one student clung to for weeks at a time instead of returning… and looked at the next part of the popular book loans:


Hmm, I certainly see the books I never need to promote now… from Rainbow Magic to Geronimo Stilton to Smurfs… my students L-O-V-E love those books! Happy to see more picture books in the mix from Julia Donaldson, Oliver Jeffers and Laura Numeroff… Interesting to see a Panda Book Award title pop up in this round. Also, I see a few more battle of the book titles popping up. Interesting to reflect on these books. I’ll be sharing these lists with students and discussing what they wish had popped up on the circulation list. Now, I know this is the overall list, if I isolated to see what are the most popular books in separate categories, there would be other titles popping up. Those will be shared with students but just sharing a little here on the blog!

qr2I always enjoy thinking about new ways to promote books to students. Last year, I made many one-minute book talk videos mid-way through the year when I couldn’t see classes as often due to a special project with one year level. We have book trailers and videos going on both of our tvs in the library in addition to providing book recommendations for popular book series on bookmarks throughout the fiction section. Something I decided to return to after taking a little break was the creation and display of QR codes linking to book trailers for books. I have a few favorite book trailers recently popping up in addition to old favorites. I additionally am promoting books that are part of the Panda Book Awards program. So, I popped up QR codes around the library on different book shelves. I already have book trailers accumulated on my Only2Clicks Book Trailers page, but this is for promotion right where the book is located. The future plan is to have students create and display these as well.


So, there’s my holiday book promotion share/reflection. I’m looking forward to having discussions with students about popular books and learning what students think about popular books, being balanced looking at new titles, borrowing from different library areas, etc. Since we increased the amount of books available to students this year (5 at a time for Y2-Y6), there are some increased overdues but overall, students love to borrow a balanced selection of books and have access to more titles. There are some who limit themselves to one book at a time, others who are borrowing too many and then not reading them… but I’m working with the teachers on book selection support as the individual need arises.

Thanks for playing the statistics and book promotion game with me this week folks!

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