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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Y2 Wk21Laser Show

There’s nothing like having a dash of home visiting you… especially from childhood. This past week one of my lovely friends who presently is living in China came for a visit to Hong Kong with her daughters. Astrid and I have been friends since middle school in Anchorage, Alaska and have kept in touch on and off through the years since then. I have kept up with Astrid and watched her beautiful daughters grow through her blogging. She writes a beautifully voiced blog that is always entertaining and includes fantastic pictures of family events and adventures around the world. She inspired me to share my thoughts about Hong Kong on a blog once my family began the transition to move here. Astrid is one of those friends that simply inspires me… Want to see more about her and her family’s adventures in China and the world? Here’s her blog that I adore following:
(Our Thailand trip was influenced by Astrid’s adventures that she posted on her blog!)
It was a beautiful opportunity to catch up and additionally see Hong Kong through a visitor’s eyes. Astrid visited with her daughters and then a few days into the visit her husband joined in on the fun. We wandered around the Peak, rode a tram, wandered into Central, headed back to TST, and went to a fantastic Thai restaurant: Two Hundred Restaurant…  Wonderful to have the opportunity to reconnect… After we dropped off Astrid and her daughters near their hotel, we wandered over to the Avenue of the Stars and saw the Laser Show on the TST side of Hong Kong. Here’s a glimpse of life this week.

IMG_9693At the fantastic restaurant playing a game I really haven’t figured out- fingers…

Before friends visited, earlier in the week I randomly located a store called FrancFranc that some colleagues told me would be fun to explore… Was most excited to visit the store and located the items that I’d purchase a whole collection of: art from Jean-Michel Basquait added into kitchen items, bags, and other fabric. I fell for a little bag.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I shared thoughts in captions on each of the pictures… meeting up at the Peak in Hong Kong is quite easy since there is a bus stop directly in front of my school that brings us up to the Peak. I rarely take it since I’m usually headed in the opposite direction! We took the tram, movie of the tram down from the Peak below, and then eventually landed at 200 Restaurant, that has delicious Thai food in TST. I’ve eaten here once before and highly recommend a visit. Not too far from the MTR line! Peak Tram glimpse- heading down:

After we said goodbye to Astrid and her daughters, we were wandering back to the MTR to go home and realized we had finally the perfect timing and moment to get to the water front and see the Hong Kong laser show! It was quite an entertaining spectacle. The video below is of the area right before the show… my phone died right after the lasers started up. There’s always another time!
Hong Kong Pier and Laser Show:

I’ve decided to break the week post up into two portions. This is so that I can share a post next week while we are in Malaysia without being concerned with posting while on vacation! (Plus I shared enough this week, right?) Malaysia is then the following week’s post! Next post will be about a double Hong Kong Disneyland visit and other fun random adventures! Oh boy!


The next day was the final day of school before the holiday. I snapped a few shots around the library of decorations (private schools can include Christmas and other holiday decorations!) before taking everything down for a fresh start in January. Those are part of the slideshow below. For those who are curious, this past week in the library we had two terribly packed days of instruction and three somewhat lighter days. (I began focusing on weeding the 800-900’s since I had spare moments here and there!) I focused again on digital citizenship, finished talking about bullying with my Y6 students, shared the absolutely beautiful book Journey by Aaron Becker with numerous classes, and pointed out online books and resources for the holiday. I’ll have an interesting January since I’ll be teaching in the computer lab for a few weeks about digital citizenship and information literacy. Looking forward to a few weeks of students practicing and discussing many important topics!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you have a fantastic week, Merry Christmas to those celebrating in the upcoming days!

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