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Styling Librarian- Hong Kong Update Y2 Wk20 Patience #nerdlution

nerdlution-button-tiny-01I didn’t post about this before but I decided to join in on #nerdlution where you commit to a resolution for a shorter amount of time- Dec. 2nd-Jan. 20th. I’ve made a goal to be more patient with myself and others… There were goals that were much more thoughtful and healthful but for my overall stability this time of year, I decided that patience was a key. 
Life in general is packed with moments of needed patience, from helping a kiddo with spelling practice to being patient with my body as it gains energy…
If I catch myself being impatient, I must address this problem with a solution by the next day. This has worked well twice. Once with a specific person not following through on commitments and another time with taxis being grabbed by people up the street from where I’m waiting. I began writing down things that were frustrating me with the person who didn’t follow through on anything and then went about a different way of requesting support (5 out of 6 things I’d been waiting on for eight weeks were suddenly complete!) With the taxi, simply walking up an extra half block helped me avoid frustration of seeing the taxi snabbed by others. Usually, shrugging things off works as well so I’m just addressing things that really frustrate me to the point of remembering many days in a row! Being patient with myself is a work in progress, the hardest is being patient in the face of insomnia since I love a full nights sleep but rarely get it. So… working on finding a solution to that! So my #Nerdlution focus is patience, next time I’m hoping to sneak in a focus on yoga daily routines, really missed that healthy outlet.
piboidmo2013-winnerbadge-700x700I recently finished off a month of a different commitment- PiBoIdMo where you commit to writing down at least one picture book idea per day for the month of November. I loved committing to this since I’ve missed keeping myself in a consistent writing mode… ok, I do often write on this blog but it is quite different to develop the writing muscle for picture books. I’m quite excited, distracted, and overwhelmed to win a grand prize with the PiBoIdMo contest. I’m working on what I will turn in to an agent within the week. The pressure is on now! Good to have a limited time to turn the document in… Oh boy to getting feedback from a professional! Honestly, it is a little intimidating.
I was honored to note this personally but didn’t mention in any earlier post… thanks to for recognizing my blog on their list of Top 50 School Library Blogs. Quite honored. Especially when I see some of my favorite bloggers on the list. So many of my friends inspire me to maintain and share what I’m thinking… Quite special.
Recently, I’ve taken many random pictures on my outings. So, here’s a random glimpse at things around Hong Kong. 

Never tired of flowers, they do bloom here all winter.

Never tired of flowers, they do bloom here all winter.

First, as I walked down the road to get poked by an acupuncturist, I walked through a beautiful array of flowers on display celebrating the opening of a new Japanese restaurant… shall see if we can visit there sometime soon. Loved the variety of flowers and appreciate this tradition of honoring new business owners. Good way to bring attention to those who support the business and also draw customers in!

Rode the tram, my husband’s favorite mode of transportation:

Donations of filled back packs ready to send to the Phillipines.

Donations of filled back packs ready to send to the Phillipines.

The next day, we participated in Mitzvah day (Mitzvah= good deeds) where we donated thousands of volunteer hours in a variety of venues from making recycled soap to running an Olympic fun day at a local orphanage to cleaning up a local park area to packing and wrapping school backpacks that were donated for children in the Phillipines and also presents for a local charity. This was my son’s and my second year wrapping presents, hoping to do something different next year but for now, I enjoyed being overwhelmed by the generosity of donations and volunteer power. Fun way to give back and know that what you’re providing has been requested and will be useful!

Close up of the hookah. I have absolutely no interest in using this ever but amused by the complicated nature of it.

Close up of the hookah. I have absolutely no interest in using this ever but amused by the complicated nature of it.

During the week, I enjoyed a few meals out. I met up with some friends at a local restaurant in Sogo called Sahara. The owner was quite attentive to all his customers and helped the ambiance feel quite welcoming. Great space and energy for fun there and additionally, my eyes popped out when I saw a hookah set up out in the front area for someone to smoke. (So sit away from the door so that you can avoid second hand smoke!) Funny enough, that wasn’t the only hookah I’ve seen this week, randomness is entertaining.

There were many other random views I snapped shots at through the week. Popped them in the slideshow below. We did get to celebrate our sweet, caring, cute, rambunctious, smart, thoughtful kiddo’s birthday. That was special.
Kiddo's birthday!

Kiddo’s birthday!

Side note: My school enjoyed a lovely author visit this week with Gail Clarke, shall share an interview with her soon! I enjoyed purchasing a number of her books as gifts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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4 comments on “Styling Librarian- Hong Kong Update Y2 Wk20 Patience #nerdlution

  1. Juliana Lee
    December 15, 2013

    Congratulations on winning one of the PiBoIdMo grand prizes! Good luck on your submission – Hope to hear good news soon!

    • The Styling Librarian
      December 15, 2013

      Thanks! I think simply getting feedback and a new focus/direction will be good enough! Not going to elevate my expectations! 🙂

  2. lenorelook
    December 16, 2013

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Declan 🙂 !!! You’re half-grown! Please don’t grow so fast! Loved your Mitzvah Day! And flowers. Congrats again on the picture book competition and on being named in Top 50 School Library Blogs! Wow! I’m so proud of you!!! xxoo

    • The Styling Librarian
      December 16, 2013

      🙂 He is growing way to fast…
      Thanks so much Lenore, grateful for all your support. 🙂

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