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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Year 2 Week 16

I enjoyed being interviewed recently by the Elementary Librarian, her questions during the podcast were interesting and made me quite reflective. Here’s the link to the podcast/interview: Her website is packed with useful resources and information and I’ve enjoyed following her for quite a while, so it was an honor to be interviewed! I honestly was quite concerned about putting my foot in my mouth during the interview but besides poorly talking about the Hong Kong Handover, I was comfortable enough with the interview and really enjoyed the conversation we had. Topics that came up during the interview: life here in Hong Kong- what I miss and appreciate, how we keep up with family and friends with technology support, Twitter connections, and comparisons from being a school librarian in Oregon to being a teacher librarian in Hong Kong.
I was thrilled to return to work at the end of this week. It was good to be back. My library’s hold shelf shows a mix of books students are excited to pick up… While I was on sick leave, an order arrived for the Bone graphic novel series, I was thrilled to see that one of the books was already showing that it was well loved and popular!
Hold Shelf

Hold Shelf

Today, I randomly visited Stanley and Tai Tam Bay area, it doesn’t take too long to get over to this area on Hong Kong Island and going there today reminded me how quickly we can be at the beach and have some gorgeous views. *There are so many areas we haven’t explored yet in Hong Kong! I recently wrote a list of “must visit” areas in Hong Kong for a friend and realized there were many more places I wanted to explore but haven’t yet… now that energy is returning, can’t wait to go!* My son had a birthday party to attend, so I enjoyed visiting with mostly new-to-me parents and many of my students for a little while.  

What I appreciated was the opportunity to wander through the American Club which I had been curious about… it was nice to explore and see different areas of the club, it is over an hour from our apartment by MTR and minibus so visiting through friends will be sufficient. 
Finally got to explore the American Club.

Finally got to explore the American Club.

After visiting for a little while, I hopped into a taxi to go over to Stanley Plaza, very quick drive. It is somewhere we’ve visited a number of times before but this time I was going with directions to a new-to-me grocery store packed with American items. Now, it has been over a year since we moved to Hong Kong and most things we purchase we’ve adapted to without too many worries or concerns… but I was quite tempted by soft toilet paper vs. the 4-ply cardboard we’ve adjusted to… and there were many food items I was excited about as well. I controlled myself, bought Tapatio hot sauce for my husband (he’s missed this item oh so much while living here) and multivitamins for my son. I know there will be another visit soon enough. 
Happy to find another US goods store.

Happy to find another US goods store.

a & m US Groceries store.

a & m US Groceries store.

I did wander through the Stanley Market again and priced a few items but quickly returned to Tai Tam Bay to pick up my son from a birthday party.
Market random item...

Market random item…

So… that’s just a highlight exploring a few new places and a few familiar areas, it is nice to be able to get out and about a little bit, still carefully pacing myself though.
Hope everyone has a terrific week! Here are a few more glimpses of the week:

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2 comments on “Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Year 2 Week 16

  1. Jocelyn Sams
    November 18, 2013

    It was great talking with you on the podcast! Thanks for being a guest.

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