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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Year 2 Week 15

How do YOU put up your stoplights?

How do YOU put up your stoplights?

Sometimes I’m astounded that I live in a country so far away from “home”. Other days I look at someone who asks me when I’m visiting the US again and I think, right now I’m just enjoying living at home. It is a funny teeter totter to be living on. Most recently, I’ve missed family and friends a great deal so I suppose you’d say I’m in the “down swing” but I’m sure another experience will throw me back into the appreciation mode. It was such a wonderful experience to visit different areas of China and I just can’t wait to visit more… but also I was chatting with my husband about how I’d love to visit the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore and so many more areas… plus wouldn’t mind visiting Thailand again! Feeling so lucky and excited about the future. I’m getting a little bit stronger now which is pulling me back to the appreciation mode as well.

I came across a video this week that made me think “I live here, wow.” Thought I’d quickly share before sharing the glimpse of the week:

Motorized City
from Patrick Cheung Power Up on Vimeo.
Thought this video might be interesting as well: – I walk through the area these people are interviewed at all the time!

Green Little Frog delivery

Green Little Frog delivery

We decided to try out a delivery service, Green Little Frog, this week, it was quite interesting.
The delivery arrived at 11am on Wednesday and came in a large grocery bag with a velcro top. There were a variety of vegetables and some fruit as well. Since we’re really picky with our vegetables, we don’t think we’ll order this way again unless we can specifically request certain vegetables. I’ve watched some talented friends adapt their menu every week but I don’t think that will work for us. It was fun to try out something new!

Noddy and the Magic Rubber

Noddy and the Magic Rubber

I happened upon a new-to-me store called Toys Club.
I didn’t realize that there were books sold in the store as well. It was quite entertaining to wander through the store. Pretty packed with great stuff. The following day I actually brought my kiddo back and found even more exciting things through his eyes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Balloon selections.

Balloon selections.

Hope you have a wonderful week…

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4 comments on “Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Year 2 Week 15

  1. Meg Miranda
    November 10, 2013

    Totally understand your “confusion” about home. I spent my 4 high school years in Brazil. It is where i “grew up” it is my “home” except that I am not Brazilian but I want to be, still, 45 years after leaving Brazil. I had a very bad case of culture shock when my family returned to the US.

  2. BookChook (@BookChook)
    November 10, 2013

    If you make it to Australia, be sure to let me know!

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