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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Year 2 Week 13

I miss being a teacher. It has been 4 weeks now… Soon enough I’ll be exhausted from being back at work so I’m trying not to mind recovery and enjoy down time presently. It was a quiet week, but did enjoy a few experiences out and about- actually was able to walk around for over an hour and enjoyed randomly visiting a few places in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. *Don’t get me wrong, afterwards, napping was quickly in order!

Gateway Store

Gateway Store

Gateway- tries to be like Costco

Gateway- tries to be like Costco

After going for a walk in Central, my husband and I ended up in Sheung Wan at a store we’d heard about from some expats. They mentioned that sometimes it is hit or miss but overall Gateway provided people with many items in bulk that some might miss from the US. Honestly, our main mission was to locate hot sauce for my husband, he really misses quality hot sauce. And… success! We found one that was acceptable! We also found many things I’d given up locating in Hong Kong from cleaning supplies to food to bathroom supplies, there were some overwhelming selections. Here’s another expat’s take on the store:

So glad I don't drive in HK.

So glad I don’t drive in HK.

Before we arrived at Gateway, we ran across a few stores I’m hoping I remember how to return to. I know they’re off of Aberdeen Street… which had some terrible traffic that made me appreciate not driving in the area. I’ve mentioned before how I feel that I’m missing most of Hong Kong because I rarely walk up through buildings to explore, but sometimes looking on the ground floor as you walk around can be quite entertaining and sometimes rewarding. I enjoyed wandering around Sheung Wan through a market area and then by numerous interesting shops.



First, there was a gorgeous florist shop, Green Fingers, that had more beautiful flowers around every corner. It was wonderful to wander around and see all the choices there.

Greenfingers Flower Shop

Greenfingers Flower Shop

IMG_9139Then there was a store, Recycled, that led me to purchasing a new bag, made of newspaper! I was quite tempted to purchase a new iPad sleeve as well. Great little shop to wander around for a while.

Recycled store, love the bags!

Recycled store, love the bags!

New favorite Mexican restaurant.

New favorite Mexican restaurant.

After riding the MTR almost home, we decided to pop out and go to Little Burro, a new Mexican restaurant, Little Burro, which is somewhat close to home. They make a pretty fantastic burrito plus the best guacamole I’ve enjoyed since moving to Hong Kong.


It was interesting to come across a new candy store nearby the apartment called Sticky. It reminded me of stretched candy with images running through the middle. The candy was like broken pieces of candy cane in various flavors. Interesting new fad.

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