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Styling Librarian: Pull up a chair, it’s a Saturday Book Share: The Invisible Boy

bookdebbieI’ve been inspired to begin a new blog theme. Have any of you noticed how much I love themes? Well, I do. I like the consistency of them and at the same time I love the flexibility to share in different ways.

Recently, I want to simply celebrate a new book encounter. So that’s what Saturday Book Share is about for me, celebrating books! Simple and easy, sit down and enjoy a book!

Perhaps some days I’ll share the book with a short reading of a portion. Or perhaps other days I’ll just share a glimpse of the book.

I’ve decided to share The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig for my first “Saturday Book Share”.

I’m a huge fan of Trudy Ludwig. Not only her book creations but her messages. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interview her as well. Additionally, Trudy recently wrote a post for The Nerdy Book Club called: Using Literature to Address Bullying and Foster Empathy in Young Readers. Powerful post with links to other books that are fantastic titles I’d select too!
I’ve been quite excited about her new book release: The Invisible Boy: By the way Patrice Barton created the most beautiful illustrations!
All you need is one special person, someone who shows you that you can be special, you do make a difference, you are important. Such a powerful message to receive from simply one person, I wish all children could have at least one friend, adult, advocate who helps them out… and yet, many go by without even realizing what they need. It breaks my heart. Trudy broke my heart at the beginning of this beautiful book. I loved this book about Brian who thought he was an invisible boy since no one noticed him or asked him to join in on activities. That is, until a new boy, Justin, comes to the class and Brian helped him feel welcome. Justin then took the time to welcome Brian into activities and helped him realize how he is special.

I know this is a book that will be a “must share” at the beginning, middle, end of the school year for teachers and parents and children who need a reminder about how to create a welcoming community and include everyone.


Messages and discussions I’d have ready to use:
1. How often do you invite someone you don’t know to well to eat with you at lunch? Play with you at recess?

2. How do you show others that you notice them, how do you feel about classmates?

3. Do you think we have a welcoming classroom? Is there anything we could do to help others feel important?

Goodreads Review: “Meet Brian, the invisible boy. Nobody ever seems to notice him or think to include him in their group, game, or birthday party . . . until, that is, a new kid comes to class. When Justin, the new boy, arrives, Brian is the first to make him feel welcome. And when Brian and Justin team up to work on a class project together, Brian finds a way to shine. From esteemed author and speaker Trudy Ludwig and acclaimed illustrator Patrice Barton, this gentle story shows how small acts of kindness can help children feel included and allow them to flourish. Any parent, teacher, or counselor looking for material that sensitively addresses the needs of quieter children will find The Invisible Boy a valuable and important resource.  Includes backmatter with discussion questions and resources for further reading.”
Trudy Ludwig’s information about The Invisible Boy

This book is additionally receiving wonderful reviews from… all over the place!

USA Today, August 22, 2013:
“Illustrator Barton adds a wonderful touch by drawing all the other characters in color but sketching Brian in faint shades of black and white – at least at first….Before long, Brian, in living color, is not so invisible after all. It’s a lovely lesson in the simple acts of friendship, especially recommended for the most popular kids in class.”

Scholastic Instructor, Fall 2013:
“Pitch-perfect words and art.”

Starred Review, School Library Journal, September 2013:

“This is a simple yet heartfelt story about a boy who has been excluded for no apparent reason but finds a way to cope and eventually gains acceptance.”

Kirkus Reviews, September 15, 2013:
“Tender illustrations rendered in glowing hues capture Brian’s isolation deftly…Use this to start a discussion: The author includes suggested questions and recommended reading lists for adults and children. Accessible, reassuring and hopeful.

Publishers Weekly, August 26, 2013:
Ludwig and Barton understand classroom dynamics…They portray Brian’s situation as a matter of groupthink that can be rebooted through small steps. It’s a smart strategy, one that can be leveraged through the book’s excellent discussion guide.”

Great post with instructional connections:

Want more book ideas and reviews? – Yes, I’m quite brief, but a prolific reader!  Please visit me at Goodreads: Also, please follow this blog through email updates – (do so to the right of this blog post), my Facebook page, comment, or meet up with me on Twitter. I appreciate all of the support, makes my day! Honored by all the wonderful followers.
What book treasure will you find?


Saturday Book Share

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