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Styling Librarian: Appreciated Technology Resources

I’ve been quiet about my technology use for the past few months, thought I’d quickly share a confession AND my top favorite resources lately. 


First off, the confession:

I have had a terrible habit since I began using an iPad. I open numerous tabs while reading Facebook and blog posts and find that most of them are ones that I’d like to open on my MacBook. Then I copy/paste the websites into an email and send myself an “open this” email that tortures me until I have time to open, organize, and use all the sites I was inspired to remember. Does anyone else have this issue? I’ve tried to use Hootsuite and Diigo through my iPad so that I can avoid this process but haven’t found them to be quick and instant on my iPad as I do on the MacBook. Still looking for a better solution but for now, just working with what fits for me!


Here’s what I’ve appreciated using most recently:

1. Bloglovin: – I love how I can quickly input in a new website or blog onto Bloglovin so that I can get daily updates of all the blogs I’m following instead of individual emails from every updated site. Sometimes my inbox is bulging otherwise!

2. DuckDuckGo: – Searching anonymously is a helpful thing sometimes. I find it uncomfortable to always be tracked by my searches… plus sometimes I find that DuckDuckGo will give me a wider range of resources that I appreciate more when searching versus using Yahoo or Google platforms.

3. Recite This: – Just love that I can type in a quote, or something else, and have a poster created instantly! Also appreciate that it can be downloaded:


4. Pic Stitch (iPhone App) and Skitch- connect with Evernote – I’ve used these apps quite often lately. I will never claim to be a talented photographer in any way, shape, and form. Especially since I use my iPhone for most of my pictures… I do appreciate both of these apps for editing and sending on to my blog, Facebook and Twitter. It is fun to make collages and frame/write on images, etc. Quite the distraction at times to edit photos, but I’ve been using them quite a bit at the beginning of the year for student photos, etc.

5. Dots – A Game About Connecting– warning, this game is addicting and entertaining! I really appreciate having it to play when I’m stuck in lines and can’t completely concentrate on an audiobook or eBook.

6. – Source from Common Sense Media: “Graphite is a free service from Common Sense Media. Find the best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula rated for learning.” I appreciate reading about resources Graphite shares on a weekly basis.

7. learned about this thanks to – I know I’ll be using it quite a bit in the future.

Want to read about app recommendations from a blogger I appreciate?  App-solutely Great from Mrs. O Reads Books

Resources I’m looking into soon:

1. Storify –

2. Topsy –

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5 comments on “Styling Librarian: Appreciated Technology Resources

  1. janemartyn
    September 21, 2013

    This is great! I’m new to the blogging/twitter world and am definitely feeling my lack of tech savvy is a problem. I will definitely check some of these resources out. Thank you!

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